35 Super Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques To Boost Sales

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Small conversion rate optimization
Small conversion rate optimization
Small conversion rate optimization
Small conversion rate optimization

Does Your Affiliate Site Ranks On The First Page Of Google But Still Suck At Conversion?

Does it really sucks so bad that you can barely squeeze out a sale from 1000 visitors to your website and you just can’t figure out why?

Obviously The First Thing You Need To Do is… Stop Wasting Time Trying To “Figure Out” Things On Your Own Because, I already know that from experience, it’s impossible to just “figure out”…

I am sure this is the case but don’t worry – this is why you’re here, and I am happy to tell you that your problems can be fixed, and you came to the right place to get them fixed…

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Extreme Importance & Power Of Highly Converting Website

Let's say you have a $47 product, a decent sales letter and few posts aimed at promoting your product on your website that converts visitors to buyers at 2%.

Let's also say that you drive 3000 unique visitors to your website per month, so at 2% you would be making $2820 (minus seo costs and other expenses).

That's not bad! But after a while you get bored by that number and decide you want to double your income. Now there's 3 ways you can do that:

  1. You can double the price of your product form $47 to $94 (this would probably kill your 2% conversion and your overall profits would drop)
  2. You could try driving double traffic to your website and see what happens (this is not always easy, as traffic does not come on demand - it can also be a costly choice)
  3. Or, you could work on optimizing your website and sales copy for conversions and increase your conversion rate to 4% (with proper guidance this is easily possible)

Just imagine what you could do with the cash from more sales! Think of how great it will feel when the family wants to go out to eat and you don't have to tell them that going out to eat is not in the budget.

This is how powerful good converting website is. Just by tweaking and optimizing few parts of your website you can grow from:

3000 visitors a month with $47 product converting at 2% for a total of $2820 in sales to:

3000 visitors a month with $47 product converting at 4% for a total of $5640 in sales!

Imagine where your profits will reach when your website starts converting at 8%, 10% or even 20%

Finally Start Making Sales & Even Double, Or Even Triple Your Profits Just By Optimizing Your Website for Conversions

So, where do you go from here?

You could try and optimize your website for conversions from the scratch all by yourself. Of course if you are clueless about the conversion psychology, principles and factors, you won't have much success.

Another option would be to hire a conversion expert. But he will charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and that's without any guaranteeing results!

You could do that, or you could follow the simple and proven step-by-step techniques outlined in my guide, "The 35 Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques" and learn to create a killer converting website on your own.

This guide is a strategically organized collection of 35 the conversion techniques, principles and psychological concepts that I’ve learned, tested and implemented on my websites to skyrocket conversion rates and thus my profits.

It will fill you in on the same methods and techniques I use to ensure I never pay over the odds for my Traffic generation campaigns. If you follow the advice held inside this eBook you’ll reduce your Traffic generation costs, which will increase your ROI, Sales, Profits and open you up to bigger and better opportunities!

But, only purchasing this guide is not going to get you results, you'll have to put in efforts act upon the formulas and implement them on your website.

If You Are the Kind of Marketer...

  • Who can create and rank a great website, but leaves too much money on the table…
  • Wants to learn the same process the masters use to generate stupendous sales on their websites...
  • Wants to learn the skill to create high-converting websites in any niche...
  • At least willing to pull up their sleeves and implement the explained techniques...

Then guide is without a doubt your very best solution.

But if...

  • You plan to go through the course and do nothing with it…
  • Don’t want to extract maximum ROI on your time and money…
  • Are too lazy to put in just a little extra effort for much bigger profits…
  • You still don’t believe conversion mastery could be the most valuable weapon in your marketing arsenal…
Then this guide probably isn’t suited to you.

I designed this guide for the real go-getters… the kind of guys who are totally deserving of Big Success, but just haven’t been given the right information up until now…

So if that sounds like you, you’ll want to take in every word of this letter and grab YOUR copy of "The 35 Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques" just as quick as you physically can!

[P.S: This discounted price will be valid only for the first few buyers.]

[P.P.S: This guide is well suited for affiliate marketers who own affiliate sites and have low to middle level experience]

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