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I write professional quality and 100% unique (read: plagiarism free!) articles or blog posts that are guaranteed to capture attention, thereby increasing traffic on your website, and ultimately driving up your profit!

Who am I?  I am a private investigator by trade!  How did I get into this field?  Well, I write very detailed reports that are constructed to be used in court and legal proceedings.  I also serve as an expert witness in cases involving private investigation and other investigative fields.  I do a lot more writing than actual investigating!  When not investigating, I spend time on the computer, writing away.  Why not turn this writing into something beneficial for every party involved.  I'm also familiar with the SEO trade, which is why I believe you will find my writing to be superior.

I have lived in America my entire life, and speak English naively.  Anything I write is revised frequently to ensure accuracy (both in content and in spelling/grammar mistakes).  You won't be getting content ripped and edited from a non-English native.  I also research my topic thoroughly, so it won't be construed as a large rant from an inexperienced individual (unless that is what you are aiming for!)

100% error free

Written with SEO utilization in mind, in order to maximize your profit

100% absolute guarantee to pass Copyscape or any plagiarism-checking service

Guaranteed service within 1-3 days

You can hire anyone to write you 500 words, but you can't find someone capable of the combination of research and speech-craft that you will find here!  You will certainly be enthralled with the outcome, and I would be surprised if you decide NOT to issue repeat business.  Hundreds of my clients have used my work in court-rooms, where else can you find such a writer for so cheap!

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