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Our high authority article writers are the BEST. They speak English as their first language and are university educated, including a PHD.

This gig is for a high quality 800 word article that will include:

- research for your topic

- 1 - 3 outbound authority links to relevant sites (can also include link to top industry influencer post so you can contact them to see if they will promote your article - with their link in it).

- 1 - 3 links to your own pages/sites

- 1 royalty free image provided (no attribution required)

- 1 video embed ( relevant from YouTube)

You will need to provide keywords and topic. We don't do keyword research but will use your keywords to check for long tail versions. This is a very well optimized SEO article that does not stuff keywords. We use contextual links and the latest optimization techniques to keep the big G very happy!

We will also produce 1 PPT Slideshare of the article for you to use for link building.

If you would like a full "repurposing" package, see extras.

Happy to provide examples of our work all over the internet. Just ask. 

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We guarantee that you will be happy with your article. However, if you aren't happy, we will work to make it as you would wish. If all else fails, we can decide to mutually cancel and refund your payment.

Go Viral Now is run by Tess Robinson and a support staff of experienced freelancers, Go Viral Now has been in operation for over 5 years after taking over from Local Business Marketing Australia.