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I have self published several books on Kindle, including 3 that are currently in the top 20 in their category. Through this services I've helped countless authors to improve rankings and increase sales.

I have 100% 5-Star reviews for all my services.

One of the most important (and overlooked) aspects of publishing is assigning the correct keywords, so that the Amazon search engine displays your book to potential customers. If your keywords are not getting you onto the first page of search results, they are not helping you!

If you are not getting many sales, it may very well be because customers are not seeing your product at all via Amazon and Kindle searches!

For just five dollar, I will analyze your current or proposed 7 KDP keywords for their search volume, competition level, average book price, average number of reviews and much more. My advice will help you rank better with your ebook for the most lucrative keywords in your niche.

See my Gig Extras for additional services such as title and description enhancements.

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SEO is my full time job, we have a team of 60 SEO professionals working non stop for our clients both local and referred, hence we are very excited to get into Source Market and expand our customer base further. Any questions do not hesitate to ping me at anytime.