Give Your Site a Booster Shot with 8 High PA/DA Backlinks

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Give Your Site a Healthy Dose of Authority

Fact: PBNs are still one of the best ways to rank your site.
Fact: Social signals are an important indicator to Google that your site has content people are interested in.
Fact: Having links to your site from sites with high authority increases the authority of your site.

This gig combines all of these into one convenient package. I’ll create 8 backlinks from high PA/DA Tumblr blogs to your site. High authority links like this are essential if you want to be ranked #1 in Google.

What’s Included in This Gig:

  1. I will create 8 PERMANENT image backlinks for your site from my network of tumblr blogs. Tumblr has a Domain Authority of 98. My sites all have Page Authorities of 35 or higher. Each account is manually created with a separate email and IP address. After 10 submitted links, I remove the account from my pool of available sites. This maintains the value of the links to your site.
  • You can give me up to 8 URLs and 8 different anchor texts/keywords. Don’t need 8 different URLs or keywords? That’s okay, you can customize this to suit your needs.
  • The backlinks will be manually created image links with a sentence or two containing your anchor text.
  • See the gig extras a little farther down if you’d like to use an article or video embed instead of a picture.
  • Sharing the images onto several social bookmarking and sharing sites.
  • Indexing the image posts.
  • A report listing all links.
  • Special bonus

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you’re not happy let me know and I will fix whatever issues there might be.

    What I need from you:

    1. The URLs you would like me to create the links for.
    2. The image that you would like me to use to link back to your site, along with a caption that should include your anchor text. (also please indicate the desired anchor text, otherwise I will assume that the entire caption should be the link.)

    Gig Extras

    Gig Extra #1

    If you want to embed a VIDEO instead of an IMAGE, order this extra.

    • I'll replace an image backlink with a video link. Below the video, I'll place the anchor text/keyword to your site.
    • This extra is good for only 1 video per backlink.
    • Order multiple if you'd like to use several videos.
    • Adds 2 days to gig.
    • Costs $2 per gig extra

    Buy 6, Get 2 Free

    Gig Extra #2

    If you want me to use an UNIQUE ARTICLE written by YOU instead of an IMAGE order this extra.

    • I'll replace 1 image with your article. You can include an extra link/kw for each article.

    I retain the right to edit your article to meet my standards. SPUN content is okay, as long as it human readable, and passes Copyscape.

    • Each extra allows you to submit 1 article to replace 1 image.
    • If you'd like to use more articles, order additional gigs.
    • This extra is $3 each.
    • Adds 2 days to the gig.

    Buy 5, Get 3 FREE.

    Gig Extra #3

    I will create an image for one of the backlinks instead of using YOUR image.

    • The image will be a text headline on a color overlay with a relevant picture on bottom.
    • Before publishing the image, I'll send it to you for approval.
    • This includes up to 2 revisions per image.
    • Each gig extra is good for 1 image.
    • Order additional gigs if you need more images.
    • This gig extra costs $4 per image.
    • Adds 3 days to gig

    A quick sample of an image from Gig Extra #3

    I hope that I have answered any questions you might have about this gig. Please feel free to message me if there's something you'd like to know that isn't covered here.


    I don't have any images but I can't afford the gig extra.

    Check out It's a free online image editor with a ton of example templates. It won't take but a second to create some images.

    Do you accept adult, pharma, or gambling?

    Currently I do, but it is on a case-by-case basis. Send me a message with what you want and I'll see if it works.

    Need something custom? Send me a message

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