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About this Service...

Welcome to this ORIGINAL one-of-kind service. We build Super Adsense Friendly sites and make them earn $100+ per month, every month, forever. If you want auto-pilot earning, this as close as you can get.

We are a group of professional web builders and Adsense marketers that have cracked the code to near endless earnings on Adsense and we want you in on it! Long gone are the $35 dollars sites that take 6 to 12 months to build and monetize. Let us build and monetize you a site in less than 2 months.  

When you place an order, we go right to work and research a highly profitable niche for you. After a few days, you'll get your niche along with the domain in which you will order. You'll then install Wordpress, send us the login, while we go to work on building your site. Once your site is completed, we upload it to your domain all in one shot.

When earnings begin (typically within 7 days of delivery), we guarantee that you'll earn near $100 in 30 days. If not, we will gladly give you a full refund.

Features of each site

  • Super Adsense friendly
  • Super high CPC niche with +1500 monthly search
  • Exact match domain to go with your niche
  • Premium CTR Wordpress theme
  • Custom site logo
  • Essential pages (Home, Contact,  Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About)
  • NOT 2, NOT 3 but, 4 additional Google Adsense approved posts


Why don't you just build them for yourselves? We do. In fact, we have a portfolio of over 500 sites making us money.

Is Adsense the only revenue option? Yes, we specialize and focus on Adsense only.

Do I need hosting? Yes.

Can I choose my own Niche? Not at the moment, to reduce the TAT. But rest assure we'll pick a winning niche.

What’s the upkeep on the sites? The upkeep is your typical site maintenance. Hosting and domain fees, etc...once we finish with the site and you start earning, we'll hand it over to you and it'll be yours to take care of from then on. There should be no need to spend anything on getting backlinks or anything like that.

Is the earnings consistent? Yes, this isn't a cheap $35 service. While earnings may fluctuate slightly you'll keep earning every month.

When can I expect to earn? Users have experienced earnings of $100+ within the 1st month. If you're expecting something sooner, please look somewhere else. We build long term earning sites only.

Do I need an Adsense Account? Yes. Don't have one? Order here.

What if I'm impatient and want a site quicker? Don't order from us. We build quality and it takes time.

Can I see a demo site? Drop us a message

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