Rankable and Bankable Keywords for Amazon Niche/Review Sites

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Save hours on keyword research and wondering if you're doomed facing competition you can't beat when I give you a keyword that does internet marketing heavy lifting for you.

What will you get for just $1?

You will get 1 unique keyword that:

-is non-branded

- relevant all year round and non-seasonal

-has minimum 1000 U.S. Google monthly searches per month

-competitive analysis already done for you

-is meant to rank on page 1 quickly with very few backlinks if any


Q: Why only $1 if the keywords are worth anything/great at all?

A: This is a limited time offer because I am new to Source Market and want to build good will with the community. I can't remotely guarantee this price point for long. Get in on this while you can.

Q: Why not build out your own affiliate websites if you truly know keywords that well?

A: My time is better spent doing and building stuff I personally get a kick out of. I don't get the same enjoyment out of building affiliate websites as I used to. The keyword research itself is more fun to me anyhow.

Q: So $1 for 1 awesome keyword total?

A: Yes that is correct.

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I have 5+ year experience in SEO, specially in negative seo. I Use this technique to derank my compititor.