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PBNs are one of the most powerful links out there. They give enormous ranking power to your money site to boost it quickly to #1. You probably have built PBNs with 5, 10 or even 20+ sites and seen your site rank super quick. Now imagine what 1000 PBNs are capable of. That's right, this gig provides you with up to 1000 PBN links. Bare in mind there is risk involved. So I highly discourage you from pointing those powerful links directly to your money site if you're not going for a churn n burn project. These PBN links are perfect to power up your tier 1 links and give them the power and trust needed to skyrocket your google, bing and yahoo SERPs.

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Our Network:

PR 1-4 Blogs

The Average TrustFlow: 12

The Average CitationFlow: 15

The Average DA / PA: 10

All our blogs have links from various powerful sites and also shares from the biggest social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

In our domain pool are over 500 different Domains with

With ever order you get between 50 to 300 sites linking to you randomly. Those Sites are from our gigantic over 500+ large domain pool. Boasting 100 different a class IPs, 200 different nameservers and 200 different b class IPs.

About the Gig:

  • You can choose between 100, 250, 500 or even ridiculous 1000 PBN Links for a minimal price.
  • All links come from our domain pool of 500+ domains(see the network stats above)
  • Content from multiple spun articles with niche relevant images and videos
  • The blog posts will be for further security drip feed over 30 days

What you have to do!

You only need to provide URLs and keywords and you're good to go

To ensure a reasonable work amount we limit the keywords and URLs to one tenth of the links ordered. That means if you get the 500 link pages you are able to provide 50 keywords and URLs.

The networks Privacy is our top priority. The network is highly secured and doesn't allow any crawlers besides those of the top search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.). To protect you and our network from penalties we are therefore not able to provide a report on the sites linking to you. But rest assured you will be able to see our work from the ranking boosts you're going to enjoy.

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I am in love with this gig! Thank you!! Excellent communication!
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Nice Service!!!
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