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Are you a beginner? Want to start making money on the Internet?

Take it easy and think...1 site make $5 per day and calculate for 100 site per day $500.

Simple as that. 

Here's what we do:

We find a niche, build the site and populate it with content. 

Here's what you do:

Go to this seller: http://bit.ly/1QeSlqw

Make a purchase, send him your website link.

Post content 1/week and watch your income grow.


  • Can we guarantee $100/month earnings? Depends. Can you promise us that you'll update your site once a month and post weekly? If so, then we don't see why not?

  • Do I need a Google Adsense account? Yes. Can't get one? Gig Extra below!
  • Do I need to purchase hosting plan and domain? Yes, you should already have a hosting plan so once we have the niche and domain, you can quickly purchase the domain and get this thing going.
  • What’s the upkeep on the sites? Weekly posting and monthly site update. 
  • Do you pick the niche? Yes, to make it easy and quick. You can suggest your own too.
  • Why 30 days delivery? Just in case we're backed up on orders but, more than likely You'll receive your site sooner.

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If you don't receive your site after 29 days then you get a full refund!

I love to help others achieve their online goals. I like SIMPLICITY. The internet has so many distractions and shiny objects I find it refreshing to just cut to the chase and get after the goal at hand. It will be my immense pleasure to help you to achieve your goals; for together we all win.