Done-For-You Premium Press Release (Guaranteed Google News)

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Get Your Business listed on Google News, with our Premium Press Release Service; This service is Excellent for SEO and a MUST for New Websites!

We offer Premium Press Release with Guaranteed Google News, with Over 400+ Distributions!!!!

****For a limited time, get your Premium Press Release for $147. Prices will be revised to $299 soon!!****

Done-For-You Premium Press Release

We offer Press Release Service, in which we research & write a high quality article on your behalf.  This service is great for "pillow links", which give your site a natural back-link profile.

This allows you to build other types of links more aggressively, with exact match anchors.

(We recommend using branded anchor texts for your press releases)

These links bring authority, trust, and diversity to your link profile.


Why Choose Us for Press Releases?

Press releases can be very hard to get accepted, but with our team, you'll get a high quality press release written in-house, and once accepted, we distribute it to over 400+ quality press release distribution websites.


Is This Service for Me?

If you have never built backlinks to your website with press releases, then you're taking a big risk. In the eyes of Google, press releases tells Google that your site is legitimate, and worthy of their search engine. It also allows you to build links from other, more juicy sources (like PBNS), without raising any red flags!


How does it all Work

It’s simple.

First, you tell us what you want the Press release to be all about. You will share with us the Press Release keywords, URL, & special instruction, if any.

Second, our team of professional in-house writers will write a High Quality Press Release & get your approval. It will then be distributed to our network of 400+ quality press release distribution websites, including Google News.

Third, your press release not only gets featured on hundreds of High Quality, Real News Sites, but we also deliver a Complete Report within 7-10 days after press release is distributed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to ask as many as you want, but this should take care of most of them:

Can I see/edit the Press Release before it goes out?

Yes, you Must approve it before it goes to distribution. You will be able to see it, edit it, & request changes to it before the Press Release goes to distribution.

Do you provide Guarantee?

Yes. We guarantee that your press release will be published on at least 400 websites. However, you must be patient, as this is not an over-night process. Once we submit the press release for submission, it is then up to the webmasters to publish your press release. You should start seeing new backlinks coming in within a week after you approve.


How many links/keywords/article length for the Press Release?

The article for Press Release shall be a high quality 400+ words article, written by A Native English speaking Professional writer. You can submit up to 1 URL Links & 3 Keywords. Your approval will be mandatory before Distribution of Press Release.


Is my Website Safe by using this Service?

Absolutely a 100%. Press releases are an excellent way to build natural looking backlinks, and "pillow out" your back-link profile so you can safely build other links and rank in a shorter amount of time.


****For a limited time, get your Premium Press Release for $147. Prices will be revised to $299 soon!!****


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