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7 Things Girlfriend Thinks About Their Men Pubic Hair

I was just thinking certain things that women likes or dislikes in men, so just got a pen and started writing on some interesting things which are common talk in girl’s group. Well are you ever curious to find what a group of women thought about body hair, well then, I got you covered.

We Have Surveyed Some Women To Find What Do Women Think About Men’s Public Hair?

Lets find out some attractions that women find out in men public hair,

7 Things Girlfriend thinks About Their Men Pubic Hair

7 Things Girlfriend thinks About Their Men Pubic Hair

  • Well, hair hair below the belt is apparently back in style. It was found in the survey that, nearly 82% of women were fairly tolerant of pubic hair.
  • Women find public hair attractive in men. They acts like an orgasm that is a add on to turn the sexual intercourse. Oops! I guess women gets naughty and even more naughty feeling them.
  • Ahh!! some women finds them disturbing while doing a blow job, whereas other finds men public hair as an add on while love making.
  • Women says, feeling the men’s public hair makes their purpose half way done. Well, yes its a attraction towards another sex that makes a women feel so.
  • A percentage of women feels that men should shave their public hair to get more enjoyment during a sexual intercourse. May be they want some lubricated sot of fun.

So guys, let’s get real to face a girl now. Now, just stay clam and stop worrying about what’s going on below the belt. As you seen that the survey shows women just simply don’t care as much as you think they do!

What Do Women Think of Beards?

Men have beards in so many different shapes and sizes. They vary from a full beard (beard for a year) to simply not having a beard at all. In addition to it, you also have the mustache, a medium length beard, a goatee, and lastly a stubble.

So, in the survey we have found some really fascinating things about men’s beard. Most of the women find a beard really attractive, but even more astonishingly they have a more attraction of some stubble.

Feeling so bad for guys with goatees and mustache, as it was found that nearly 70% of women found the mustache unattractive and 56% found the goatee unattractive.

What Do Women Think of Men’s Body Hair?

As far as the other public hair on a guys body are concerned, lets go find out women thought of the the chest, back, and below the belt (pubic hair).

7 Things Girlfriend thinks About Their Men Pubic Hair

7 Things Girlfriend thinks About Their Men Pubic Hair

What Do Women Think Of Men’s Chest Hair?

The result found in the survey is quite astonishing. I couldn’t believe my eyes off, reading this. It was shown that nearly 81% of all women surveyed either had no opinion or found chest hair attractive.

We know very second guy shave their chest, however if you are among them who shave hair to look good for the member of the opposite sex, stop now!

What Women Thought of Back Hair?

Well taking about the men’s back hair we found that women clearly had no qualms or were attracted to it. 77% of all women found back body hair unattractive. So, if you have hair at back than go clean them as its okay till the front of your body to have hair but not the back.

After surveying we came across a fact that overall women like men’s public hair. If you have your personal opinion regarding men’s public hair than you can also share it with our readers by simply commenting on the box given below.

For more information stay tuned to Helpsutra as this sutra is meant for your help.

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