12 REAL Links from REAL Sites! CT/TF, 20-40, NOT PBN Sites. Safe Whitehat Links

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We have a HUGE link community of REAL sites (not PBNs, not hacked, REAL!) passing serious ranking power. It's Panda safe & Penguin safe and an effective and an autopilot means of building your best links.


---NOTE: This service is only for WordPress sites. ALSO, Because this is a community of sites where everybody benefits from each other's links we can only accept websites that are legitimate business websites. This means no churn and burn sites or throw away websites. Affiliate sites are fine so long as they are good quality.

For $5 you get one month in our program which will result in 12 guaranteed amazing real backlinks coming from real business websites in the US and Canada. These are permanent links. The links are embedded in very high quality completely unique articles on the blogs of these websites. The 12 links are built 3 per week for one month. We create a blend of random, URL, branded and keyword anchor text. You can supply your keywords.

---NOTE: We will be raising the price of this once we get some positive reviews rolling in so act fast :-)

If you wish to continue, you can join our community at the special rate of $47 per month. Each month 12 additional links will be built to your website until you reach the network max (1/3 of the network) which presently is around 110 super high quality links but will undoubtedly be growing now that we've opened this up on source market.

We've been building this network for years strictly for the use of our own clients. This is the first time we've opened this up and it will be for a limited time!

***So What Is This? Is It a PBN?

Nope, it's definitely not a PBN. PBN's are essentially fake websites. These are real websites owned by real business owners. It's not so much a network as a community where the members are intelligently interlinked. By intelligently I mean the following:

+ No two sites exchange links. It's essentially a three-way linking scenario. A links to B, B links to C and C links to A.

+ Links between sites in a similar niche or close to each other geographically are prioritized meaning you will get plenty of very niche specific links.

+ Links are placed inside of super high quality hand written blog posts on sites from the community. These are NOT spun. They range in length from 300 words to 2000+ words.

+Links are a blend of branded anchors, keyword, image and random. You supply your keywords.

***Do I Give out Links Also?

Yes you do. You're joining a community of websites that promotes each other by linking to each other through high quality blog posts our plug-in adds to your site. 

---NOTE: If you're concerned or think your client will be concerned about adding these blog posts to your site, know that  these posts are almost impossible to find from the public site :)

Giving out links costs you nothing, and as part of the package you are getting super high quality blog posts added to your site which generate traffic of their own. 

If you're concerned about

***Is This Safe and Whitehat?

In our opinion it's the safest link building available today. This method has been working consistently for 12 years with virtually no issues!! We've even seen these links protect site owners from negative SEO they have so much trust! These posts look like completely organic links and to leave virtually no footprint!!

***What happens after the first month?

After the first month you can continue in the program for the reduced fee of $47 per month. This can be paid through PayPal or credit card.

What if I want to quit?

You keep the 12 links we build for you permanently. No strings attached. 

Keeping the links we built for you in the first month is part of this source market offer. Normally if somebody leaves our program, they lose their links but for you the first 12 links are permanent :-)

If you choose to continue beyond the first month and then quite later, links built after the first month would be removed. 

Okay, So How Does This Work?

After you purchase we will get you instructions on setting up your account and installing the WordPress plug-in.


Message us! 


(Read If You Like, Non Essential Info)

Q: Are these links dofollow or nofollow links?

A: Yes, all the links are dofollow links!

Q: Do you do anything to index the links (link indexer)?

A: Nope! Don't have to, because the sites are regularly indexed in Google :-)

Q: Do you send social signals to these links?

A: We could create email accounts and then social media profiles and send Facebook likes and twitter followers from a bunch of fake Facebook accounts and twitter accounts, but we really don't need to. These are REAL businesses that already get real social signals.

Q: Do you drip feed the links?

A: Yes, links are all drip fed. 3 links each Sunday which of course will index at different speeds in Google.

Q: What domain authority (DA) do these links have?

A: They range from 15 all the way up to 60 but the median is probably around 30.

Q: What majestic citation flow and trust flow to these links have?

A: If you're looking for high trust flow links that are authoritative, you've come to the right place my place :) The links have very health the trust flows probably on average in the 25 to 30 range. Citation flow is roughly the same. 

Q: Does your program offer homepage links?

A: No links are on pages generally 1 click from the home page.

Q: How does this compare to private blog networks? Sape Links Services? Link wheel Services? Doc sharing services? Filesharing services? Wiki Links (Wikipedia links)? Quaora Answers Links or Yahoo Answers? Bookmarking services? Comment Links? Links? Local citations? Web 2.0 links? Directories? Expired domains and expired Web 2.0's?

A: All of the above mentioned backlink services and packages fall into one of two categories. 1) They are 'submit yourself' sites where anyone can register. Or 2) They are essentially fake websites which Google is working very hard to detect and penalize. Our backlink service offers what very few can... Contextual links in hand written high quality articles on real sites! I guarantee this is the missing link for most failed SEOs.

Q: Do you use GSA SER (search engine ranker) or SEnuketo submit to your community?

A: Nope we build our own tools and stay away from well known software that Google would be targeting.

Q: Have you seen your service boost rankings? Does it increase Google rankings?

A: You bet your ass :-) we've been running this service for years and its ranking power has been pretty amazing. Even better has been the fact that it has worked so long term.

Q: Are there .edu link or .gov links in your network?

A: Not at the moment. That's probably never going to happen given that these are real business owners, not government agencies.

Q: How old are these websites? Are they aged domains?

A: Many of them are very old yes. Going back to 1995 sometimes. Many of these still have high Google PR is saying something.

Q: Do you do anything to build up tier 2 or tier 3 links?

A: Tiered link building is something you only need to do when you're tier 1 links have no authority. Sure we could spam them with Youtube links or vimeo links but we don't have to because these websites are real websites with lots of great back links!

Q: Are these basically guest posts?

A: Nope. The articles appear to be by the owners of the website and they are just mentioning you as part of THEIR hand crafted article.

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