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PBNs are the rage these days. They are one of the most powerful ways to rank your sites on Google. Here's the problem. You guys focus too much on metrics. They can be spammed and manipulated. You also gotta do the legwork and actually look at the backlinks that are going to your expired domains. That's extremely important. 

With this gig, you will be able to get powerful backlinks pointing to your expired domains. Expired domains like CNN, Huffington post, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Yale, Harvard, CDC, Microsoft, Apple, and plenty of more. 

These are expired domains with high powerful authority domains pointing to them. They're dofollow as well. You know you're going to good link juice to your money sites. 

Here's what this gig gives you. 30 domains with a backlink from a high authority website or 66 cents per domain. They will be dofollow.

30 domains for 20 dollars is a steal. Here's the downside for you. 

  • Filter them yourselves: Spam check and metric analyze these domains yourself. You are paying 66 cents a domain after all. 

Here's the upside:

  • You'll find a gem that's well worth the investment you have made. 

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