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Looking to get something automated?

Talk to me, I'm a professional when it comes to automating damn near any website.

I have automated websites like: Web 2.0 site.

One big project I made for a friend way back in the day was PBN creation automation. He had me automate every little step from logging into FTP to install wordpress to adding a few posts to Wordpress with the posts scheduled for a month in advance.... Let that marinate in your brain...

What kind of features will I throw into my tools?

1. Advanced clicking/keyboard emulation (for those pesky anti-bot systems)

2. Cookie handling (instantly login to any website)

3. Advanced Web Browser Automation (Using Firefox Ver 40)

4. Proxy and Multithreading capabilities built in

5. You'll also get a copy of ZennoBox for running your template in a easy to use program (I will include a video to step you through using this piece of software)

Please note these ARE NOT .exe programs. These templates will be sent to you through's backend for ZennoBox.

I am offering full support over skype (as much as you need) and 1 hour of free Teamviewer support.

Never feel bad about asking me questions on any little thing, I'm more then happy to help you. :)

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If said template doesn't work or I am unable to complete your ZennoPoster template due to security roadblocks placed by various websites.

I've been doing IM and using ZennoPoster since 2012 and don't ever plan on stopping any time soon. Feel free to message me