Spanish SEO: Source Flood Buildout for five (5) States

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I have been building sites out using the free Source Flood plugin available here:

1) High end, low Search Volume searches

2) Foreign language SEO

3) Local SEO keywords

Although I plan to offer other languages soon, in this gig, I will build out five (5) Floods containing your target keyword/niche for every city in your chosen state. There are several states in the US that have large Spanish speaking populations, so this is great for some of the more competitive niches. I can also do this for other countries. I have a Spanish language lawyer site that is currently ranking for many long tail keywords!

Each page will be optimized for it's respective city, with a wikipedia link, a video  and an optimized image if you attach one here.

If you would like more states built, see my extras.

If you would like me to target only cities with a population of 10k, 50k or even 100k, please see my extras.

Please see the Houts Graphics Tutorial video above, and I will apply this to a high-end, low search volume, local niche in Spanish!

If you want this done for a geographic directory, you might consider starting with this Rank and Rent gig first:

However, the Source Flood plugin can be used for generating product pages, as well. So you could provide me a list of, for instance, cell phone models from different manufacturers, and I could generate a page for each product. Then you could monetize it with Amazon products!

All you need to do is provide a niche/keyword and Wordpress login for me and I will do the rest.

Also, see my foreign language keyword research service here:

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