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IMPORTANT: DO NOT BUY THIS GIG UNLESS YOU HAVE ACCESS TO HIGH AUTHORITY LAW TOPIC WEBSITES. MESSAGE ME TO SEE IF YOUR SITE/S QUALIFY. This gig is $5, but it will increase to A LOT MORE and a monthly subscription once I get some good reviews. All links are permanent. The many benefits of being natural and white hat!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Carissa. When I first started providing attorneys with legal marketing a few years ago, it was really easy to get great law links. Once the first penguin hit, everyone lost their minds. Great links became nofollow and a lot of attorneys became afraid to link out.

It got really difficult to get great law links. I've always been white hat, providing attorneys with great resources to link to based upon each blogs' anchor text and specific needs, but I needed to find a new way of going about it.

That's when I started reaching out to law firms and building relationships. I targeted legal websites with great trust flow,good stats, and amazing content. I then contacted them and offered free services until I felt comfortable talking about what I need from them.

Basically, I let each attorney that I get a hold of know that I work with multiple attorney website owners that are constantly trying to add the best possible resources to their websites in the form of links, but they've given up on trying to decipher which sites are authoritative sites and which one's are dangerous. If the attorney wants to join, I find the best resources on this new attorney's site and then go pitch these resources as links to the attorneys I had already created relationships with. 

I've been operating this way as an underground law blogger outreach service for a couple years now.

What it has resulted in is a completely white hat online promotion to help attorney websites grow the way they are supposed to. People are supposed to link to GREAT content, but it's hard to find what is great without a great deal of research.

If purchased, this gig will result in a review of the law firm's website that you would like to have included. If the website is in good health, has great content, and has a topic with a majority of law/society, or a mix of the top two topics being law/society and reference/education you will be added. I cannot guarantee a certain number of links per week or month as it is based 100% on need. Remember, this is true white hat.

You can message me the site that you would like included before you purchase this gig to ensure you don't waste your money. I won't approve your site unless I've gained approval from a current member of the group that they want to link to one of your resources, so you can expect one great link within a week of purchasing this gig.

From then on, you can submit your new blogs and webpages to me and I will contact all of the attorney marketers that are already a part of my group.

Here's an example:

You create a new piece of content. Let's say you write a webpage about Georgia's DUI law. Within the article, there is a brief mention of how defendants should be prepared for their Georgia DUI hearing. You would have liked to go into more depth about HOW they should be prepared, but you don't want to write a whole page about it.

So, you send your new webpage to me. I then go message the other members and let them know. A few hours later, I receive a message from one of the other members saying they have a blog titled "What to Bring to Your Georgia DUI Hearing" that clarifies many of the ways in which someone can prepare for their Georgia DUI hearing.

I send the message to you, you review the blog, and, if you feel like it really would benefit your website visitors, you link to that resource on your new webpage.

An hour later, a different attorney contacts me letting me know that he has written a web page about Georgia DUI offenses and mentions Georgia's specific DUI law. He wants a resource to clarify the specific law, so he send me a message letting me know. Since you just wrote a webpage about it, I send a message to the other member with a link to your page. They review it, and, if they feel that it will truly benefit their readers, they link to your resource from their webpage.

I can't express how valuable these links are because they are natural. That's what Google wants!

I'm putting this gig at $5, but it will increase to A LOT MORE once I get some good reviews. All links are permanent. The many benefits of being natural and white hat!

Although I never intended it to be, this is a complete law website link building solution. Members average 3 links a month. To get three great law links a month is incredible (if you're in the law niche you know). Get in while you can.

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