I will give you a crash course in website sales and conversions

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What if you could quickly learn how to improve your website sales or those of your clients? This ebook contains my own personal insights (69 total) with illustrations that I rely upon to help my clients with their personal or business sites, especially before undertaking a complete redesign of the website. You can probably read it in under an hour. Some ideas here you will know, some may be new, but all help you look at your website in a more thorough way.  

If you've ever wanted to learn about website conversions, this training course is a good "bird's-eye" view. Inside you'll get:

  • Ideas to build trust & credibility

  • Photo & video tips

  • Methods for better content organization

  • Opt-in suggestions

  • Ways to price effectively

  • Contact page reminders

  • Common usability issues

  • Sales funnel tips

  • Pointers for message development

  • and many illustrations to give you a visual understanding

You'll also get a bonus copy of my webinar notes about client testimonials which are critical to building trust online.

Order now & begin improving your site today!

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Great link sites with strong authority as advertised. Thanks!
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Looks clean and metrics confirmed.
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Thank you for providing this service, very high quality.
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