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Small daycare
Small agent
Small auto repair
Small daycare
Small agent
Small auto repair

Animated Contractor Video & Commercials

1280 x 720  HD Quality

These videos generally sell for up to $500 when businesses need them done, you can have your made here and deliver to your clients at a profit.

We all know how video enhances the user experience and engages them to take and keep their interest peaked for our services. Let me customize one of my Videos for your clients. You get yours for an outrageous cheap price so you can mark to whatever your client is willing to pay.

Help Your Clients add tons of thrust to their marketing Efforts

Videos Services List Below

Service Videos Available

Auto Repair
Computer Repair Commercial
Day Care Commercial
Divource Attorney
Divource Attorney Commercial
Home Remodeling Commercial
Painter Commercial
Pest Control Commercial
Real Estate
Roofer Commercial
Veterinarian Commercial

~~~~~~~~~~~How it Works~~~~~~~~~~

When You order you will submit this info and I will tailor the video for your client

Business Name
website address
phone #

top 3 business services

What makes your business stand out from others-25 words that best describe your business

1-image or logos if you ordered gig extras business image, logo, owner etc   (1280x720 or larger)

Add these Extras to Make you Video Pop

Deliver the Total package and really Impress your Clients

#1 Last Slide Change Gig Extra ( 1280 x720 or larger image)
I need you Logo or any Image you want to Add

#2 SEO Optimize your video and Publish Video to my SEO Channel

#3 Gig xtra 3 Videos Syndication--I need 3 longtail local keywords

#4 Gig xtra 5 Videos Syndication--I need 5 longtail local keywords

#5 (Five Video Local Business Syndication-Ranking Campaign Includes)
your order will be delivered when the videos are published and ranks will occur within 3 weeks
I do not guarantee first page rankings in youtube, but if your local keyword selection is good your videos will rank competitively.

This process includes for each video

500 Powerful Backlinks
100 Web 2 Video Embeds per video
Redirect Backlinks
Social Signals
Views and comments
Tweets in a schedule
Social Backlinks

#6 Five Rankable Local keywords-I just need five cities or city sections you service

Satisfaction Guaranteed.....My goal is to far exceed your expectations.....
I do not do work for adult, gambling, pharma or hate based business
thanks George

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