Massive Amounts of PBN's (Level 3)

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Introducing......Level 3 Scraping

Low Price for the First week of May

A massive list of domains (usually thousands) which i search for you concerning your keyword that you give me would be yours AND ONLY YOURS (It will NOT BE SHARED)

You get multitudes more domains  and FRESHLY SCRAPED USING YOUR KEYWORDS!!!!!

My Guarantee!
1.I can guarantee you will have some domain metrics in the 20+
2 I guarantee your list is your own and won't be shared or used by me or anyone else! You simply register the ones you desire.

I would send the list of domains in xml , txt or csv format with all metrics , MOZ , Majestic , and many others.

It's the best deal you ever heard of...........believe me , but once i send the list , there is no backing out, and that should be understandable because i can't ungive all those domains.

No Refunds

This is from an order I just delivered , just to give you an idea , although we cannot guarantee you will get the same. It depends greatly on your chosen keyword and a lil bit of luck.  However these metrics are common.

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In the SEO Industry for over 12 years, have built an incredibly robust SEO framework and control a PBN of over 2k websites. You're buying quality. You're getting a service at a fraction of the cost that it took me to learn and build these processes over the past 12 years.