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Are you still fiddling with Old School SEO Practices That Are No Longer Effective?

Stop Being Another Victim of The Vicious Wrath Of The Big G.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been in a constant state of evolution since its inception. What works now may not work tomorrow, and many old school tactics that once brought traffic now have the opposite effect.

Fact #1 : More Links Does Not Necessarily Lead to Higher Rankings.

High quality’ backlinks are weighted more heavily than a greater quantity of ‘poor quality’ links, and the relevancy of links can even trump their quality (which is the result of Google’s Penguin algorithm update).

Fact #2: More Content Doesn’t Necessarily Generate More Traffic.

Just because your website is jam-packed with a huge volume of content doesn’t mean that you will benefit from a higher rank.

If you have mediocre content on your website, you probably noticed that traffic decreased significantly after Google’s Panda update. The remedy to this situation is a greater focused on producing high quality content.

So PBN's Are Dead?
No, Its still Effective, If it is from relevant niche. (Risk Involved)

How About Sape Links?
Its Still going strong, if your money site belongs to churn and burn category.

Warning: By using the above strategy, be ready to receive the below message in your webmaster tools anytime soon.

So if old school SEO is out, what does one do now?
Adaption is the key. 

Its High Time To Shift To Next Gen SEO - IFTTT SEO

What is IFTTT SEO?


PBN Network

Blackhat Links.

Expensive Service.

The name might sound a little odd to you, so, let me explain IFTTT in detail. It stands for:

If THIS happens (an event on one channel), THEN THAT is bound to happen (a triggered reaction on another channel). IFTTT SEO is aimed to build domain authority, natural backlinks profile and high rankings - all in an automated mode.

IFTTT gives you natural and long term SEO results, that will help you stay ahead of the Google update curves and will also wean you away from short term 'hype links and techniques' that cause more harm than good.

IFTTT is perfect for:
Business Owners and Internet Marketers who are looking for safe, high quality power links at cheap prices.

Reputation Managers who are looking to push down negative results from the top page of Google.

SEO service providers who are looking for methods that are immune to Google updates and give long term results.

If you are any of the above, You have to say YES to IFTTT SEO, which is the only evergreen content syndication backlinks service in the market!

Make Money with it: Create your own Syndication network and then sell it to your clients for hundreds and thousands of Dollars!

Result Oriented SEO: Syndication networks give fast, safe and guaranteed SEO results - That's what your clients want!

Time Saver SEO: IFTTT is a 'set it and forget it' automation model. It allows you to set up syndication networks which will keep working even when you are asleep! It saves you time, effort and money.

Targeted Traffic: The networks allow you to gather targeted traffic from multiple sources and funnel it into your (or clients') sites. All on autopilot and fast forward mode.

Instant Visibility: IFTTT expands your online reach to almost all the popular promotion channels on the internet, almost instantaneously. It is your best chance of going 'Viral' on the internet!

Lead Generation: Since you are 'everywhere' on the internet, you are able to generate leads from multiple sources - even from places that you thought were not possible.

It is time for you to get started. I'm sure you want to generate leads, traffic, visibility to your sites or your client sites. Start earning revenues from your sites.

Order Now and watch how IFTTT content syndication skyrockets your rankings and revenues right from the first day!

PREMIUM BOOSTER -  IFTTT 2 Tiers (4 Rings)

4 Rings of IFTTT accounts fully optimized ,Interlinked and IFTTT Recipes Created

PRO BOOSTER -   IFTTT 2 Tiers (4 Rings) + 10 Articles

 4 Rings of IFTTT accounts fully optimized ,Interlinked and IFTTT Recipes Created + 10 Articles

ULTIMATE BOOSTER -   IFTTT 2 Tiers (4 Rings) + 10 Articles + Tier 1  + Tier 2 Links

4 Rings of IFTTT accounts fully optimized ,Interlinked and IFTTT Recipes Created + 10 Articles + Tier 1 - 2000 Contextual Links + Tier 2 10000 Links.

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