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Let's cut the crap and get right to the point, You want to rank right? Well, I can help you. Do me a favour and go to Google. Type in "how to make money online" That's me at the top in the video section.  

I also rank on Google for "how to make money on facebook" "How to make money on Tumblr"  I rank for 100s of terms not even including my affiliate sites! Just search those and look for onlinedimes.com

So let me introduce myself, I'm Franklin and I've been in the internet game for years... What's the difference with me? I actually rank with proof! You can actually find me online ranking for keywords like I've mentioned above. While everyone is showing you ranking images of clients I can show you my actual rankings in Google and Youtube.

Here is a full case study.

Full Case Study Here: http://www.onlinedimes.com/ranking-my-website-fast/

Stop listening to those "gurus" that show you "cool" rankings for easy 20 searches a month keywords.... that's child's play.

Here are my recent projects... the real deal

This is me ranking first under the paid adverts for "how to make money online". One of the hardest keywords on Youtube.

Do you want Backlinks that pass link juice and get you moving in Google? Contextual Links that give you great page authority and trust flow?

Aged Tumblr network with great metrics! I do everything manually, no blog managing software... Google are all over those tricks like white on rice. For $40 you get 6 awesome juicy Tumblr links.

These are powerhouse links and strong! This is not a low quality gig , these 6 links will be more powerful than 100+ spam links.


  • DA 98
  • PR 2+ 
  • PA 27+
  • TF15+
  • Good Backlinks
  • Sometimes we add 0 and 1 PR  for diversity
  • NO REBLOGS! I do it manually to have full control over the links. Your link will end up in weird places with reblogs

What you get with this gig:

  • 6 links with images on 6 different blogs up to 2 keywords. 6 at once it the sweet spot! don't be fooled by people selling more. 
  • 1 URL 
  • Will be an image and link to your website with a few words 
  • Complete money back guarantee
  • Free indexing service

I don't promise 1st position rankings because know one can predict that, I promise realistic ranking jumps.

Tumblrs are at the top of the list on my website backlink profiles...

I'll leave you with some sample rankings and stats. (Mixed with my Weebly Link service) 


My last keyword just hit position 14 and this beast only has 6 links!


Please no adult or pharma websites and only English sites/keywords. 

See you on the other side.

This is the kind of good stuff we find. Look at the crazy backlinks this Tumblr has!!! Huffington post, La Times and Washington Post!!!!!

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Great work, thank you
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No worries

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Thank you
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No problem

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Awesome service will use again! Provided me with some really good links
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Amazing, amazing results. Highly recommended. I waited to see organic search results on Google to leave this review. One of my keywords has improved from #89 to #23 currently.
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Great service hope it will rank over the upcoming days.
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Fast service. Nice & Clean.
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Good service ! Good Seller!
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Medium sauce



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I offer a 100% if you are not happy and a 100% life time refund on all links.

I've being making money online from ranking niche websites for a while now, I'm bringing my SEO methods to you! I give you no BS links! I don't give you 1st position promises I give you real realistic results and Solid links. Visit Onlinedimes.com and you can follow my niche websites.