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SuperCharged Video SEO

Do you know what Google Loves more than backlinks?.... Video Embeds! If you have a video you are trying to rank Embeds are a must.

I will provide you with 300 Web 2.0 Embeds, This is sure to get Google and Youtubes attention.

What You get

  • 300 Quality Web 2.0 Video Embeds (Backlinks)
  • High Authority
  • High PR

Combine this with my other services for the ultimate rank boost. I suggest ordering my Social Signals for more power!


Let's look at some REAL results. These are my own videos.... I show you actual results. Type "Franklin Hatchet " in Youtube to find my channel and see for yourself.

This one is at the top for Clickbank related Keywords!

This one here is at the top for an affiliate product and it's made me over $1200 fo far! 52% engagement!!!!

This one is a tutorial and it's at the top in 2nd!

Number one again! It's also made me money!

Another number 1 at the top

This one is 3rd for the keyword "backlinks" ! 

Extras: I offer a service where I help you optimize the video if you need help.

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