Steal the SEO Traffic From Your Competitors

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Steal the SEO Traffic From Your Competitors

Do you ever wonder why your competitor attracts a lot of traffic and you don’t get as much?

We will help you to steal your competitor’s traffic?

Our this package consist of three projects

Project 1.  In this phase, we analyse your competitor website,url,youtube video, facebook page etc

Project 2. In this phase we Use Best Negative SEO Tactics to Make Your Negative SEO Campaign for your competitor, Successful.

Project 3. In this phase we will build 100000 GSA Ser Backlinks of high domain authority for google ranking of your website.


Competitor analysis

1.Just Create a list of your competitor sites.

You can do it , I’m sure you know most of your competitor sites by heart. Just create it and send it to us along with your own website address.(may be website address, Youtube video url, facebook page etc)

2. We will Check which of the competitor sites have Domain Rating similar to yours.

For this we use many tools like Batch Analysis etc and check the DR column of your competitor.

3. We will Check which of your competitor pages bring them SEO traffic and what keywords they rank for.

For this we use many tools like Positions explorer and semrush etc and get all the keywords for which your competitor pages rank for. This is really valuable information which we use to divert the traffic of your competitor to your site.

That’s it! About 1st project.


In this project we will help you to beat your competitor in Google Search Results. We will create a large number of spammy, junk and fake casino / Porny links for your competitor so that Google will down its position in Search results.

So in this phase we will work perfectly  to Destroy / Derank / Deindex the url or website  of your competitor. We Use all the Negative Seo Tactices against your competitor.

What We Do . . .?

1. We will Spam Blast your Competitor with low quality junk and Negative SEO backlinks.
2. We will break its link building searching key words.
3. We will make such low quality backlinks that Google Hates and surely your competitor will be Penalized.
4. Our Low quality negative seo will increase the spam score of your competitor and will ruin the backlink profile of your competitor.

Special Features

1. Malicious attacks on your Competitor site –We will modifies your competitor’s robots.txt file and blocks Google, or injects spammy content and links into your competitor web pages.

2. Building bad links – We will builds bad links to your competitor website. For example, We will link thousands of adult and gambling and porny sites to link back to your competitor site, eventually his rankings will go down.

3. Spam reports – At the end we will report to Google about your competitor, about abusing Google’s webmaster guidelines, Google will look to see and if they found doing anything wrong such as unnatural link building, they will penalized your competitor.

What You Get……?

? 300000+ GSA Ser low quality negative seo Back!inks
? Submission to Premium Indexing Services
? Toughtime to your competitor
? Detailed Full Excel Verified Reports
? 100% Non-traceable and Anonymous work
? Surprise free bonuses

Key Features :-

• We accept all niches.
• Unlimited Key words /urls
• Non English Key words can be used for back!inks.
• Effective Methods
• 100% Privacy Guaranteed
• Thousands of 100% Spammy Do-Follow Links
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.



What You Are Going To Get:-

1. 100,000 verified GSA SER Back!inks of high domain authority for your website to rank higher
2. All Do Follow - Huge Link Juice...
3. Spams-Word Protection-very crucial SEO Factor
4. Thousands of contexual links.
5. Uses a lot of generic and LSI KWs
6. Lots of Edu and Gov !inks Included
7. Unlimited Urls - Kws Accepted
8. Submission to Paid Indexing Service Included
9. Full Report upon order completion
10. Fast Dedicated Support

Did you know that how much SEO is essential for the traffic to your website, So to Step ahead your competitors, dominate the G0ogle search results!

Get the wonderful chance to improve your Google rankings & Make a Perfect IinkJuice to your website! A new online marketing approach!

Technical Aspects

Dedicated Server – I use powerful dedicated server installed with GSA SER
Proxies – I use High Quality Private Proxies.
Indexing –GSA Indexer is used for faster Indexing
Google friendly – 100% G00gle Safe from updates like Panda, Penguins
24/7 Customer Support



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