Step By Step Tutorial For Securing Your WordPress Sites For Free (or Cheap)

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Hi, my name is Stefan. 

I started in Online Marketing and SEO about 2 years ago. After months of frustration I finally started to gain some traction and make some money and then....the unthinkable happened!!

Some of my best sites were hacked and all that work I did went right down the drain!

Maybe you have already gone through something similar? If you haven't already you need to start thinking about how to secure your WordPress sites. 


Hopefully you don't have to learn the hard way like I did. One good thing did come from all this. I learned the best way to secure my WordPress sites without spending money. 

Yes that's right. All of the techniques and plugins I show you are free. Now you could spend a lot of money and maybe make your sites even more secure. BUT I have had absolutely zero breaches on any of my sites since implementing these steps.


You get a step by step PDF guide that shows you what steps you can take to secure your WordPress site. Ill show you what FREE plugins to install along with screenshots, showing each configuration screen. 

I will also show you with screenshots other WordPress configuration steps to take to better secure your site.

There are of course additional steps you can take on your host as well to secure your site but this will strictly be dealing with WordPress.

Dont cost yourself thousands of dollars in profit and weeks of frustration like I did! 

Take 20 minutes to learn step by step how to secure your WordPress sites and protect your money making machines!

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almost 2 years ago
Delivered fast - great information...must have for any WP user...
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almost 2 years ago
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I have a 100% Refund Policy. If you are not happy with the tips given to secure your WordPress site for free (cheap) just let me know and I will happily return your money.

Hi my name is Stefan, I live in Los Angeles and I have been doing Internet Marketing, client lead generation and SEO for about 2 years. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions. cheers