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With dozens or maybe even hundreds of PBN and money sites how do you find consistent, high quality content to fill them with?

If you are like most people you hire an article writer. The problem with this is it can get expensive and the quality is really hit or miss!

Sometimes you get a great writer and sometimes the article is not even usable!

My secret to never ending high quality content? YouTube videos! There are millions of videos out on the Internet with amazing content just waiting to be transcribed. 

Or maybe you want to create your own content but hate writing. Create a video or audio file and have the content transcribed.

This is a method recommended by Alex Becker himself in this PBN Webinar (at 38:40 mark)

These are the two methods I've used to create hundreds of quality articles on my blogs that rank over and over again!

I have one of the best transcribers on the Internet and for the first time Im sharing her amazing skills with my fellow Internet Marketers. 

For just $10 dollars you get up to 5 minutes of video. That usually adds up to between 800-950 words. 

Just send me the link to your video or audio file. Make sure the audio is very clear and the file can be stopped and paused for transcribing. Also be sure the file is not over the time limit you have purchased. 

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If the transcription is not to your complete satisfaction I will gladly refund your money.

Hi my name is Stefan, I live in Los Angeles and I have been doing Internet Marketing, client lead generation and SEO for about 2 years. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions. cheers