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This CheatSheet is for you to better understand what needs to be done if your video does not get ranked with the Vidpenguin ping. 

VidPenguin’s Step-By-Step Power Ranking Strategy CheatSheet

 Our philosophy is we only do just enough to get it ranked, then we stop and let Google’s algorithm adjust the placement over a few days. 

Inevitably, what we’ve seen is that over the next few days, the video moves up or down, and then settles to a position over a few days to a week. 

If you need more juice to get it higher after it settles then keep going down the list. We also do our research to get a feel for what’s working on the searches and what our competitors are doing. 

And by studying what works for others, I’m able to figure out what I need to do to try and get ahead of them. However, there may be certain keywords that are a challenge to rank your video.

 For instance a competitor’s video with a large number of views, YouTube engagement, Channel authority, click through rates and long term popularity are what we find challenging. 

Beating out Martha Stewart’s videos for “Best Cheesecake Recipe” on page 1 of Google may go beyond the scope of this strategy guide. 

However, for normal keywords for local niches, product reviews and affiliate reviews, this should be a great step-by-step guide.

 Before starting the ranking process, think in terms of optimizing the YouTube channel and playlists to match the videos that you are ranking. 

A dog training video gets no added channel boost on a quilting channel. You can create as many channels underneath you own Google account. 

YouTube actually does a pretty good job of telling you the things needed to optimize your channel. There are some really good YouTube videos as well, on how to do this. 

The Keyword search terms that we seem to get the fastest ranking results are ones where there is at least 1 video on the first or second page of the searched keyword and are under these categories:

  Single item/Hobby/Passion/Events videos (ie. Cars, Antiques, bikes ) - They have no local listings and definitely no Amazon like products and very few pro-rankers 

 Special Events / City-wide Events / local fairs / musicals / Concerts - like shooting fish in a barrel - no local listing index and no amazon like products 

 Review videos - where no large affiliate payouts are going on and we're not competing against other SRS member gurus 

 Book reviews - super-fast when I see other "non-amazon videos" and the book has been in print for a while (these are the under 5 minutes) 

 Local Company/client trade names or non-professional club names - also can be used for reputation management campaigns If the video doesn’t rank in the first day on your keyword, try other keywords and combinations, it still may show up in the ranking in a few more days based on Google’s search algorithm. 

This is not an exact science, if one video doesn’t work immediately try using YouTube’s video editor with other with different titles, tags, and descriptions. You can run a lot of videos through VidPenguin in a very short amount of time. 

The more videos you put through this system, the better you’re able to get a feel for Google’s algorithm. 

Here are the exact steps that we use 

1. Optimize the video prior to uploading. Add Metatags prior to uploading VidPenguin along with a keyword optimized file name. 

2. Optimize Video Title, Tags, and Descriptions once uploaded (or saved as new) 

3. Add a custom thumbnail to the video after uploading that will attract attention in the search results. Use a Facebook search to see what thumbnails or posts attract your attention 

4. Run through VidPenguin 

5. Promote with Syndwire integration (using bookmarks to our “A-Team” of minions) if you own it (or use IFTTT recipes (based on video likes) – 2 tiered structure)

 6. Run Backlinks Indexer or similar indexing service

 7. Share the video on the social sites that YouTube recommends below the video. I use my personal accounts Google Plus, Tumblr, Client’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

8. Go into Syndwire and do Video Embeds (to our "A-Team" of manually created and socially active blogging minions) or pay for a fiverr gig to do video embeds on a large number of social sites 

9. Add to your own wordpress blog in a related subject matter or use Social Link Machine to do content syndication of your video embed blog post 

10. Build IFTTT recipes and submit the video variations through the recipes 

11. RSS Authority 

12. Do a Facebook ad post (embedded in a survey post or paid ad post) 

13. Share from with the video viewer to your personal Tumblr, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest 

14. Video commenting on very similar videos and engage them socially (or use something like TubeAssist) 

15. Press release with celebrity naming and video url tagging in a pinch, if I need to go Rambo BlackHat Ninja and get it there quickly and want to use Thor's hammer

16. Fiverr spam bookmarks and linkwheel gigs to social link 2nd tier sites and Video 301 links (not to be shown to general public) 

17. VIEWS - to  to the blog post video embeds on Syndwire

18. Fiverr Gigs GSA accounts to entire variation series 

19. Use the YouTube Video Editor, trim a few seconds. Save as new and use different tags, title, and description. Repeat steps 1 to 14. NEVER GIVE UP 

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