Manual Posting to Google Plus Community Twice a day for 7 days

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Want to take advantage of Google Plus Community Traffic and backlinks?

Hi there, Uwais here. Very happy to me part of Source Market after years of being a Sourcewave students! Graduated Source University :) Thank you to Alex Bekker!

I am offering a service which most of us really wanted to utilise but just do not have the time as this kind of social signals seemingly not as attractive as other social media traffic. But needless to say, traffic from Google Plus Communities are HUGE and untapped. 

I am offering a service of inserting your link or url into a minimum of 20 most members Communities in Google Plus from my personal gmail account. All you need to send me is your keyword and your link.

I will post twice a day for 7 days !

A snap shot or images will be sent to you as proof of posting.

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