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I am not using any software or tools for this keyword research services.

One of a kind. Rarely any services like this. You just need to trust my BRAIN! I know you will be sceptical at first BUT hey, potential buyers that search the internet are just HUMAN, and more they are just a nobody. Not all are educated or high school graduates. They surf the internet looking for stuff. To buy or to get more information.

With this service, you will provide me your main keyword, or a seed keyword and any long tailed primary keyword. What I will do is I will search the internet and dig deeper into websites listed on top 10 of google in your primary keyword and extract 5 more secondary keywords for you.

These kind of keywords will not be able to be extracted by software or keyword research tools as I will be using my own intellectual, my brain, to capture relevant similar keywords to your primary keywords.

To do this yourself, it might take HOURS!

Hire me :)

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