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About Social Signals

Social Signals have emerged as the new SEO and have never been more important than they are today. 

Social Signals will never ever raise a google penalty !

Some of the most popular online websites have something in common today − they all have Social Signals. 

Without Social Signals, many sites find themselves falling way behind.
Since social shares have now become more related to ranking, your site needs Social Signals more than ever before − to rank as high in the search engine as possible.

Proof: SEO Ranking Factors 2015:

The chart below shows the most relevant ranking factors. This is the proof for the importance of Social Signals.

Why do You need Social Signals?

  • To increase your rankings
  • Increase your profit
  • To justify your link building efforts
  • Getting the latest SEO tools
  • Grow your social media authority
  • Attract new customer
  • Gain traffic
  • No google penalty risk.


#Basic Package: 1500 Social Signals

  • 100 Facebook website share (PR-9)
  • 500 Facebook website likes (PR-9)
  • 600 Twitter tweets (PR-10)
  • 100 Google Plus (PR- 9)
  • 200 LinkedIn Share (PR- 9)

#Advanced Package: 3000 Social Signals
  • 200 Facebook website share (PR-9)
  • 1000 FB webs!te likes (PR-9)
  • 1200 Twitter tweets (PR-10)
  • 200 Go0gle Plus (PR- 9)
  • 400 LinkedIn Share (PR- 9)

#Master Package: 6000 Social Signals
  • 400 FB webs!te share (PR-9)
  • 2000 FB webs!te likes (PR-9)
  • 2400 Twitter tweets (PR-10)
  • 400 Google Plus (PR- 9)
  • 800 LinkedIn Share (PR- 9)

URLs Accepted:
✔ Blog or blog spot links
✔ Website links
✔ YouTube video links
✔ Google play or IOS apps URL

URLs Not Accepted:

⛔ All adult sites
⛔ Casino or gambling sites
⛔ Redirect or shortened URL

NOTE: Please Don't Use any FȺCEBOOK Fanpage URL. 

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