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19 days on average

*** This Discounted Price Lasts until December 12th ***

I will write and publish a Guest Post for you on The Huffington Post, Engadget, NaturalNews, Wikipedia e.t.c.

I'm an established author on Huffington Post and many other high authority website. So, let me help you to:


   A single backlink from Huffington Post or any other authority site will boost your SERP significantly. 

Huffington Post is a high-quality website having high Domain Authority, Trust-Flow and Citation Flow. So are sites like WIKIPEDIA,,,,, e.t.c.

Why Huffington Post?

If you are on this page, it means I do not need to convince you more about the value of having a backlink from Huffington Post.....You already know that...right? Here is the summary of the kind of values HP possesses:
✔ Page Authority 97
✔ Domain Authority 98
✔ Premium domain with vigorous editorial screening
✔ Fantastic Trust Flow
✔ Alexa Rank 144
✔ More than 4.5 Million indexed pages 

Google loves manual/Organic and niche backlinks from authority sites.

Huffington Post is one of the best ways to increase traffic immediately and at the same time provide backlinks to your website

The value of Huffington Post backlinks (and many other in my packages) goes beyond the Huffington Post itself. Aside the fact that you get direct traffic from HuffingtonPost , many bloggers also use HuffingtonPost to find references for their own website. This means HuffingtonPost exposes you to possibilities of getting other dofollow backlinks NATURALLY. I am sure you are aware of how much google loves such.


There are three levels with this gig.....then some other EXTRAS.
Please read the following carefully.


The Silver package is what you get with the primary gig. This package gives you guest post on 3 websites.
With the bronze package, you will get a backlink from an article that will be published through editor's account on This means the article will be indexed INSTANTLY. The article will also be PERMANENT since it already passed through the editing process of the Huffpost editor. There are other vendors that offer cheaper huffpost. The downside is that most of these vendors post through a contributor account. With contributor account, your article won't be indexed and it is also subject to deletion.
In addition, you will get another article posted through Australian Huffingtonpost.
Your third backlink will come from another unique post on


The Gold package gives you everything you get with Silver package. In addition you get another unique article with dofollow backlinks from:

This means you will get 9 backlinks from unique articles from 9 different high QUALITY website.
This package only cost $500


The Platinum package gives you everything you get with Gold package. In addition, you get another unique article with backlinks from: (just backlink) (just backlink)

This means you will get 15 backlinks from unique articles from 15 different high QUALITY websites.

This package only cost $750


  • Send me the URL and keyword you will like to use before ordering.
  • Once we approve the URL, we will then tell you the next line of actions.
  • Standard Service includes backlinks to only ONE url from you. If you need more than 1 link, please add Extras while buying the service.
  • The URL you want linked shouldn't be Root domain, could be a blog post or a page with informational content.
  • The average ETA for the standard gig is 15 days. If you want it delivered earlier, kindly use the EXTRAS

NOTE: I won't be able to accept sites related to: gambling, dating, adult and pharmacy

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my link be indexed?

Yes...... We only deliver work that has been indexed.

Can I see samples of your work?

For security reason, you will have to contact me about that...

What form of URL do I have to provide for the submission

Link to be provided must not be a ROOT DOMAIN. The page must be contextual. It can either be a blog or a page with contextual information. There are unique situations that are me for more details about that.

Do you use contributor account for your huffingtonpost

We only use established author account for our This means your article will have to pass through huffingtonpost editor. This also means your article will be indexed by google instantly and the links will be PERMANENT.

Are the links from Huffingtonpost dofollow or nofollow.

The short answer is that the link from huffingtonpost will be nofollow. US huffingtonpost changed their policies recently. As a result they only issue nofollow backlink for article posted through established author like us. However, backlinks from Australian Huffpost are still Dofollow....This means you get dofollow backlink from with any of the packaged.


I can get you backlinks from,,,, lifehack also at discounted prices. See the EXTRAS for more details.

Please, check out the EXTRAs

Transparency is important to me. I will like to list the kind of backlinks you get from each of the sites in our different packages. -- No follow ----dofollow  ---- Dofollow     ---- Dofollow     ---- Dofollow     ---- Nofollow     ---- Nofollow     ---- Dofollow     ---- Nofollow     ---- Nofollow     ---- Dofollow     ---- Dofollow     ---- Nofollow ----Nofollow ------Dofollow

Kindly send me message if you need any other info.

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