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Hi. Thank you for your visit. I understand the power of the written word and I use my experience of 15 years and more as a writer to harness that power in order to grab and inspire an audience.

My motto is: "ATTRACT and ENGAGE"

To that end, I have developed the ability to use language to SELL your PRODUCT or SERVICE.

I will write a well-researched, original and unique article of 500+ words for your product, business, company and more…

There is an enormous difference between standard, generic web content and INTRIGUING, INSPIRING web content. I use words that spark the imagination, SHOWCASE the best of your product and turn VISITORS INTO BUYERS.

If you had the choice, wouldn't you prefer articles that you readers actually want to read? 

Here is what you get:

  • 500 powerful and striking words

  • For ANY page and any (legal) topic

  • Fast and high turnaround. Sometimes as fast as 4 hours, though the average is 12 hours.

  • Grammatically correct

  • Flowing ideas and style

  • 100% original and unique content

  • Free of copyscape

  • Manually written article

  • SEO ranking boosting methodology

  • 100% perfect

My articles will keep your readers engaged, lower the bounce rate of your site and help in your online marketing efforts to attract and retain your customers.

NB. I can also re-write, rephrase any kind of article you might want to use as a basis for others.

Order with confidence - My work is fully guaranteed. Because writing is a creative process, there are times when clients may have recommendations and  or suggestions that they will want the writer to address. If this should prove to be the case with you, please let me know, and I will gladly work to make my article even better.

Don't settle for average articles that end up costing you money and time!



An article about TIME.

A handful of seconds. That's how long it takes for the casual reader to determine whether an article is worth reading.

...Or not...

Right now you've spent 6 or 7 seconds on this one..

Does it mean it's worth reading?

Let's see...

Tick tock, time is running.. Let's watch it fly, ahead of us... Because time, unlike us, never stops. And it certainly never looks back...

Here are 3 things we do with our time that we may wish, one day, we didn't:

The first that comes to mind... We waste it.

Did you know that in 2012, a study conducted on the topic of time wasting at work estimated that a staggering 69% of employees who participated in said study admitted to wasting time?

69%... That's a lot of time... Wasted. Imagine what could have been done... In that time...

A year later, that number reached a whopping 89%...

89%... Of our time... Gone...

Tick Tock...

Question: Could that number go even higher the following year? Is that even possible?

The second thing we do with our time... We don't appreciate it.

It's always the same thing... The young don't think time applies to them and the old wish they had more of it. It's a variation of the old say":

"If youth knew and age could..."

Only in this instance the one constant is time. Both groups have it in equal amount, yet... Has either taken even the merest moment to appreciate the time that's theirs?

Have you?

If ever there was a reason to pause time, wouldn't it be it?

And finally, here comes number 3... We always wish we had more time.

The one regret people have when their time to cross over to the other side of the river is near is...

They wish they had more time.

What would you do if you had more time? Would you do things differently?

Tick tock, time is running... We've seen it fly, you and I, right in front of us...

What does it mean? Time...

Here's an example:

If you read as fast as the next person, it would have taken you around two minutes to get to this point in this nearly 1000 words article. That's two minutes of your time. Was it worth it?

Question: Do search engines reward websites who retain their visitors because of the quality of their content and the time visitors spend reading it? We all know it's all about bounce rate and a whole slew of endless parameters that google and co have up their collective sleeves, but would you agree that time spent reading an article is certainly one of them?

Question: Do you want articles just for the sake of garnishing your back linking profile and improving the TF, CF, DA, PA and whatever other letter combinations future gurus might come up with or...

Do you want articles that your readers will actually want to read? And improve your two letter words?

Time is a funny old thing don't you think? It's like the air we breathe.

It can be the most precious things of all, or worth very little.

For example, would $25 for this article be too much?

Not if you're still reading don't you think?

Because if you are, and I have held your attention for all of 3 minutes, then wouldn't I be able to do the same with your readers?

Imagine what you can tell your customers if you have their attention for all this time.

And now comes decision time...

Question: Would you trust someone who has no feedback about his content writing ability to actually write an article for you?

I certainly hope so?  Why?

  • Because I think I can write the kind of content that will make a difference, just for you.  And your readers.
  • Because the articles I write are neither spun nor copied. They are entirely unique.
  • Because I am not new at this.  I have been writing articles for a multitude of websites for over 10 years now.
  • Because all my articles are exclusively hand written only by me. 

And since I'm  talking about... Moi.. I can also write in French if you need to break into that market.

Question: Has this article passed the ultimate test? Has it convinced you to hire me?

If your answer is yes, do you think $25 per article is fair?

Because if you do, then I'll make you a deal... 

Hire me for your next article and I'll write something just as good as this one, for just $15.

That's more than a 50% discount for a high quality article of 500 words and more about any topic. What do you say?  Are you game?

Boring stuff about me:

  • I was born in the heart of Africa. If ever you saw the movie, Gorillas in the Mist with Sigourney Weaver, then you might have seen me.  I was the Gorilla behind the third tree...

    Nah... I wasn't in that movie but I was indeed born 20 minutes away from where it was made.

  • I am college educated, even though none of the stuff I learned is of any use to me since it was so long ago...
  • I raised 7 kids...  And I have the white hair to prove it.
  • I've lived in 4 continents.
  • I speak a few languages.
  • I've been working at home since 1992.
  • I was a web designer before Google was even an idea in the brilliant minds of Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
  • I actually shared a lunch with Sergey as those who don't know him at all like to call him.
  • I taught Kung Fu at the London Imperial College. (Gosh that was such a long time ago...)
  • I am a prolific writer.
I hope to write for you very soon.


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