[2017 Ranking Machine] 7 Bullet Proof Permanent PBN Links

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Q. What is Our Service About?

Ans. Our service will provide you strong PBN links that have a minimum 15 TF, CF, DA, and PA each. All links will be permanent.

Our PBN Metrics:

  • All our domains have average of TF 15+
  • Domain Authority of all domains average is 15+
  • All our Domains backlink profiles are manually vetted against for SPAM.
  • 100% all links will be indexed naturally in Google.
  • Each blog has minimum 10 referring domains in majestic seo.

Q. Which Hosting Service Do You Use?

Ans. All my sites are hosted on popular premium hosting platforms with unique C class IPs. I am not using $1 or $2 host and reside your whole business in a big risk because Google is de-indexing such sites at a very fast pace. Due to premium hosts, all of our sites reside in a good neighbourhood. I have eliminated the chances of de-indexing due to bad IP (which is the major reason) in the case of cheap hosting platforms.

Q. What about Content?

Ans. We have a group of people who are writing for us for years. Each article will be at least 500 words each and written by hand. There is no tool involved in this process. After manually written article it will pass through the Grammarly.

Q. Do You Provide Report?

Ans. Sorry. We will not provide any report. This is because to keep our network hidden. We also don't block bots of Moz, Majestic and Semrush etc. You can check these links after some days in these platforms or in your Google Webmaster Tool.

Q. Which Language and Niches Do You Accept?

Ans. Currently, I am only accepting the English language. I accept all niches expect adult, casinos and illegal.

Q. How many URL and Keywords are allowed?

Ans. I can accept one link per order and you can provide 6 keywords (one per site). We recommended using long tail keywords for long-term results.

Q. What is Turn Around Time?

Ans. As all the things done manually. It can take 8 to 10 days.

Q. Why it is Bullet Proof?

Ans. This is the most important part of my PBN service. Here i will show you why my service is different and called bulletproof;

  • Premium hosting with good IP neighbourhood;
  • 500+ unique hand written content
  • Excellent domains with high TF, CF, DA, PA and spam free.
  • Each article will entertain one customer using one outbound link to his/her site and also one link to the high authority site.
  • Low outbound links.
  • I will also add 3 to 5 posts per site that will not contain any links at all.
  • Proper interlinking of posts.
  • Unique images and videos embedded from YouTube.
  • Free Social signals.
  • Multiple Registrars and each domain are WHOIS protected.
  • Content-oriented sites.
  • Logo
  • We don't place your links on adult or casino blogs.

By reading above you can see how much things we are taking care of. That's why these things make this service bullet proof.

Q. What are the risks?

Ans. Honestly speaking, any SEO expert cannot guarantee about 100% safety. But after years of experience, i can assure you this is very few service on the planet that can take care of all those above things. This makes it very strong.

Q. What results i will get after this service?

Ans. Again, i cannot answer this question. Because there are so many factors invoked like keyword competition, type of content, site trust and authority, anchor text ratio etc....If you use this service wisely then you will see a major improvement in the SERP.

Q. Any other guideline to Use this Service?

Ans. I recommend this service to everyone who is looking for PBN links. I suggest you use generic, naked URLs and brand as anchor text along with keyword rich anchors in order to protect from Penguin 4.0. If you could do this, this service will bring you the optimal results.

What is your Refund Policy and Ranking Guarantee?

I wanted to make this section extremely clear. We are selling quality PBN links. We are not selling guarantees here. You have to make good Link building plan with our quality PBN links. We will deliver what we described.

Once we delivered the order, if you don't like it then you can ask for a refund within 24 hours. After refund, we will also remove your links. Believe me, there is no service on the planet similar to this offered at such a cheap rate. You can find similar service for $100 for one site. But we are delivering 6 links for just $100.

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