PBN Buff V2- 50 PBN links, 5 Buffers, 100+ articles,web 2 and PDF

10 days estimated (15 days guaranteed) >
9 days on average

Hey fellow marketer,

Ranking with Private Blog Networks can be awesome…unless they’re part of the 99% of networks that are spammed to cr$p!



Everyone Want’s To Get Rich Off the PBN Craze

The scores of "PBN" services you see over on BlackhatWorld and the Warrior Forum, are…spammed to death and come with BIG problems…

The Problem With Popular PBN's

The PBN sites get de-indexed by Google all the time, the owners replace the tanked domains, and it goes round and round in circles!

If one of those PBN’s are linking to you, say goodbye to your website and be prepared to start everything all over again…Gulp!

I personally know this, because I case study popular services regularly, and I still see the same thing happen every time.

The Same old Story

Rankings go up…then they drop…then the site gets completely tanked! When that happens, it’s almost impossible to recover!

But it’s not all bad news, because this experience has motivated me to offer something WAY better. 

Better results, more safety (buffer sites) and cheaper…way cheaper actually!

Here is an example from the first release of PBN Buff

Let me explain how I can help

I will give you…

  • Juicy, “blood-pumping-metric” links that actually stick!
  • Links that are super-safe, right on the home page (with those awesome metrics everyone raves about)
  • Access to a good neighborhood of non-spammed websites

and of course…that SERP OVER-DRIVE that will make you spit out your coffee! (or tea if you’re British like me!)

The Visuals

The Details

By ordering this service, within 10 to 15 days from now, your website will be handsomely adorned with the following…

165+ links, divided through 3 tiers


Phase 1: 5 web 2.0 buffer sites

These will pass your PBN juice through contextual links, whilst acting as a cushion between your money site and our network. (No risk of a penalty)

Phase 2: 50 Super-Juicy PBN links to your buffer sites with metrics like>

Average domain authority of 20

Page rank up to PR 5

Trust flow of 10 to 20+

Citation flow of 10 to 20+

Max out bound links (OBL) of 25

All links do-follow

All content is quality spun on the PBN

Phase 3: 100 mixed links including Web 2.0, article directory and PDF links.

Phase 4: All links submitted to 3rd party indexer. Not your typical linklicious service (which has very low success rate nowadays)

100% money-back guarantee.

That’s correct…

If the team and I fail to deliver your campaign as described, I will buy the links back off you for full price. Do you know anyone else here, offering that sort of guarantee?

I don’t…

That’s how confident I am of this service. If you don’t get what I describe, I’ll happily buy the links back off you for the same price you paid…after all, it’s a great deal (-:

So let’s get started before someone else takes your spot


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5 months ago
Thank you for providing this service, very high quality.
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6 months ago
Very Good :)
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8 months ago
Great link sites with strong authority as advertised. Thanks!
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almost 2 years ago
Excellent communication as well.
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over 2 years ago
Great service. offered me a lot more than I expected in the most timely manner. thumbs up...
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