I Will Fix Your Broken Schema.org LocalBusiness, Event, or Recipe Code

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I am a structured data master.

I live, breathe, and shit schema.org code.

I'm the guy who takes the hit and sits in on the Google Webmaster Hangouts about structured data so you don't have to...

A lot of you have broken schema.org code on your website for your LocalBusiness (Organization), Events, or Recipes. You don't bother to fix it because you have no clue what to do.

I will get it done for you, error and warning free.

Simple as that.

A few rules:

- Must be JSON-LD code that you apply to a page, header or footer of your site. If it is automatically generated by plugins, that's your first problem. Can't work with that.

- Right now, I can't help you with microdata/inline markup. That's a time consuming effort.

- Trying to secure your "entity"? This is the perfect way to do it, but it should be error free.

- Google is looking to launch Rich Cards for LocalBusiness. Get your site in order NOW and be ready when it goes live.
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I have been in the marketing field for 10 years now and I have a few services that might help you gain online success too! :) Don't hesitate to contact me!