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Warning! Just because you used Wordpress, does NOT make you safe from attackers!

More and more vulnerabilities come out every day for many things. Many of these vulnerabilities effect websites. You may think you coded your site securely, but are you 100% sure? If you used Wordpress to build your site, were you aware that the very plugins that run parts of your site may in fact be your weakness? Were you aware that an outdated version of Wordpress could mean life or death for your company? The themes on your site can even be a security flaw.

The biggest and most often overlooked feature of websites that online marketers don't pay much attention to, is the true security of their website. Often times the sites are thrown up quickly in order to make a quick buck, and website security is overlooked. If your customers' private information is compromised as a result of your website being compromised, your entire reputation could be on the line.

Many times, an audit on your website could cost upwards of a couple thousand dollars. I've seen website security audits go for $15,000.... Luckily for you, I can supply the same level of service, for a FRACTION of the price, $19, period. 

I will analyze your website for security weaknesses. Once the analysis is complete, I will provide you with both a PDF file and a HTML to view the results in.  As always, if you have any questions, please message me. (:
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