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500 Links Indexed on Google

All your precious links aren't always naturally discovered by Google, using an indexing service that's reliable (like ours) can help to ensure you get all of the power from your links.

If you're doing GSA or Spammed links, you need this service.

If you're doing PBN Building, don't waste money! Use our service.

How does it work?
That's a secret! But we can tell you that we don't ping, or make backlinks, use RSS, or use any sneaky methods. Everything here is 100% safe and we use it on our own sites and clients.

How does it compare to Pinging? Rss? Backlinking?
We guarantee that you'll have better results with us, on any comparable link list than any method you've used in the past! Try us with 100% confidence!

Need to dripfeed?
We can do that! Just request how many links per day -- no limit to the length of your dripfeeding!

No Pinging, No Link Creation, No RSS or crazy shit.
Just Indexed by Google using our exclusive secret method that's 100% safe.

What % are we able to index? 
We have the highest success rate and will do so much better than your old providers. However, this varies depending on the quality of your links, but we do guarantee that we'll index more links than any other methods!

Low Quality Indexation Rate (Comment links) more than 50%*
PBN Indexation Rate more than 97%* (excludes category, archive and tags pages)

*Within 3 days of processing.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need more than 1000 links indexed we may, at our discretion, dripfeed them across several days to ensure that we have optimal and instant service for our other customers.

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Refund Rate

If your comment links get indexed below 40% we'll refund. This is due to varying quality of your links, and google's organic rejection process. If your PBN links are indexed at a rate below 90% (Provided your PBN isn't penalised) we'll refund. Natural links should be indexed at a rate of 95%, if not, we'll refund. Please wait 7 days before submitting a refund request, as it can take a little while for google to index all your links. If you chose to dripfeed, please wait 7 days after completion of dripfeed.

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