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Web 2.0 Blogs Networks Service

A Web 2.0 Blog Network is still one of best ways to improve your rankings. There are many unique benefits that people are not aware of. It is also cheaper than a real PBN - no need for hosting etc.

Difference between a Web Blogs Network [WBN] and Private Blogs Network [PBN]:

  • Low Investment compared to PBN
  • Easy domain setup
  • WBN is easy to maintain and manage vs PBN

What does this package include?

  • 25 web2.0
  • Articles – 300-400 words, niche related content.
  • Image – 1 keyword related image in possible blogs.
  • Google maps and YouTube Video where allowed
  • Full report with all blogs live links
  • TAT – 8-12 working days.

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My business model is to allow Internet Marketers to have a "try it before you buy it" experience using services to provide access to expensive IM software. If you like the results, you can either buy more gigs or I can provide you the links to purchase the software for your own use. I also offer PLR