10 High PA/DA HOMEPAGE Web 2.0 Links

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8 days on average

Private high PA/DA , high CF/TF Web 2.0 Network.

Sending low quality spammy type links to your money site just doesn’t do it anymore these days. In 2015 you want ONLY high Quality links going to your money site and nothing else.

NO LENGTHY SALES THREAD… Just the facts, the features and the package options!

Every single Web 2.0 is a PA of 30+. We currently are starting with 400 private web 2.0’s in our network all constantly linked.

** These links are GREAT for:
- Video Embeds
- Branding Anchor Text
- Anchor text Diversity
- Pillowing
- IP Backlink Diversity

NOTE: These are HOMEPAGE web 2.0's that will stay forever. They will eventually roll off the homepage NATURALLY so you still get the MAX amount of link juice.

You can spread your links across different campaigns for larger order than 12 links (eg. 25,50 or 100). When you spread out your campaigns, each campaign must be a minimum of 10 links.

This Is What's Being Offered:​

✔ 100% Google Indexed Websites
✔ OBL (outbound links) Below 10
✔ Aged, Established, Authority Websites
✔ Majority English Websites
✔ Majority Premium TLDs – .com, .net, .org, .info, etc
✔ Free Rank Tracking Included
✔ Guaranteed Live Links (with lost links replacement)
✔ Full Live Links Report With Metrics Included
✔ All Niche Accepted
✔ *Optional Manually-Created Buffer Sites (web 2.0s) – Refer to the ​Extras

Please Read Carefully Before Ordering:

  • This Special Intro Offer​ is ONLY valid for first time buyers. For repeat customers, please use the Extras (unless renewing the monthly subscription).
  • ​SAPE links are on a monthly subscription basis, so your links will be live for ONLY 30 days.
  • You have the option to continue the link placement after 30 days.
  • Not sure what you need? Just contact me to discuss further.

It takes 3 weeks on average to see 1 rank jump

This graph shows an up-and-to-the-right trend for average increase in rank over weeks after link was created

More links do have a more immediate effect viagra prix en pharmacie. I promoted some material that got around 20 links to one page, which was being outranked by other pages with about 6 more inbound links. It took this page 3–4 weeks to see first SERP movement

It seems that each link has a small to medium effect initially, but that effect increases over time. If you add a lot of links at once, you’re not only going to see faster results, you’re going to see much bigger results over time.

The lower the rank, the more effect a link has

This graph shows the average increase in rank by starting rank over weeks after link was created

The pages that we observed that were already ranking on the first page of SERPs didn’t show much of a rankings increase with one link, barely moving over one spot in 4 weeks. In contrast, pages ranking on the second or deeper pages of SERPs took off after 9 weeks.

Higher DA will move the needle faster

This graph shows average increase in rank by Domain Authority range over weeks after the link was created

Did you know that Google doesn't index most of the links you build especially when using GSA, Scrapebox, and other automated tools? So, if you haven't already started using indexing services, you've not been taking full advantage of the links you've been building. Even if you have, if you're not using our indexing services, you're still missing out.

We're the best in the industry in terms of indexing links, and we do what we say we do. We get up to 80% of your links indexed. Check out this case study where our service was compared with several other indexing services.


1. We will submit your links to the top indexing services in the world (OneHourIndexing.co and Linklicious.co).

2. We accept a maximum of 5,000 links per order. Check out our extras if you need to submit more links.

3. 24-hour delivery.


* We don't provide reports for this service since it's not a link building service.

* The published indexing rate (80%) is the average we get from our customers. Individual results may vary based on the types of links submitted and site authority.

About Us

We are the guys behind the highly popular Professional SEO Team, and we've been offering SEO services to those interested for many years now. We own the following SEO and link building services:

...all of which are used by tens of thousands of SEOs all over the globe.

Place your order now and start getting those high rankings your websites deserve. We will send you a report as soon as your order is complete.

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