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PBN Domain Features

-> Fully Researched Domains
-> High Metrics
-> Clean & No Spam
-> 24 Hour Delivery (Some Domains can take up to 72 hours)
-> No Registration Fees!
-> 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

SERPchampion & Co-Founder of HeisDomains has been selling PBN domains for over 2+ years with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

(Check out the testimonials of our service below)

But, how did we reach 100% satisfaction?

We research every domain from top to bottom before we sell it to our clients.

We qualify domains based on their backlink profile, anchor text profile, domain age, history and amount of drops.

Notice that I didn’t really talk about metrics?

It’s because a metric is not the most accurate qualifier of a PBN domain. We look way further than that, as opposed to other sellers.

This is the main reason why our service separates us from the low-quality vendors.

But, I know you guys and gals want to know the average metrics anyways, so there they go:

Domain Metrics
DA: 15 to 30+
PA: 20 to 30+
TF: 15 to 30+
CF: 10 to 20+
Ref Domains: 15+

Buy our domains now and let us show you what we're made of!

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Refund Rate

If the domain doesn’t suit you or doesn’t get reindexed, we will send you a replacement domain of your choice.