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I'm not a newbie in this business and I KNOW what's the best way to stay under Googles radar and don't get your whole PBN network deindexed. 

I'm offering not only setup service, I will implement all my PBN knowledge which will help you to maintain PBN for many years to come, with no fear for future Google updates or even manual reviews!


  • WP INSTALL - Will install WordPress for you. I make sure, that my setup service includes every detail.
  • PREMIUM THEME - Today it’s not enough to create a website for PBN, it has to look good and unique. I use paid themes on your websites.
  • BLOCKED CRAWLERS -  I block all those unwanted web crawlers, which can expose your websites to your competitors.  
  • CUSTOM LOGO - My designers will create unique logos for all of your websites, this included in all our packages.
  • ESSENTIAL PAGES - Will create all essential pages which makes your website to look real, such as about, contact and privacy policy.
  • NO FOOTPRINTS - I always randomize different elements such as plugins, themes, about pages and etc. which leaves no footprints.
  • FAKE ADS - I make sure your website looks like real, as much as possible by placing fake ad banners with nofollow link.
  • UNIQUE PROFILES - Where needed I will create random profiles and email address, you’ll receive all the login details and ownership.
  • BUY EXTRA PREMIUM PBN DOMAINS - includes PBN domain which is clean from spam and have minimum TrustFlow 15, DomainAuthority 10+ and Refering Domains 10+
  • BUY EXTRA A-CLASS HOSTING - includes 1 year of hosting, which is bought from different companies.

Want to see these sites LIVE? Contact me and I will show them!

If for any reason you're not happy with results, we offer money back guarantee!

For bulk orders, I offer discounts!

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