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SEO/PBN Creation
3 days estimated (8 days guaranteed) >

I will restore a site from – simply give me the url and date of the version you want, and I will provide you with a zip file of all the html, images that

Perfect for PBN’s as you can simply upload the files via ftp and the “old site” is back again – no more content bills or time confusing site set up etc.

*** Script Footprints Removed From Every Page

The embedded script footprints in their HTML pages (which are a potential SEO footprint and risk) are removed from all file extractions from

*** FTP Upload Option

I can also upload the files via FTP in addition to supplying the files in a zip file for just $5 (please see my extras), for this I'll need ftp access. PLEASE NOTE - The html area in your FTP should be 100% clean with no other files in to ensure no issues.

*** Link Placement Option

I can place desired links for you for just $5 per link (please see my extras), for this I'll need ftp access.

*** Footprint removed

As I'm sure you already know, any footprint with SEO can be very dangerous and risk nasty penalities from google. A lot of wayback machine providers will just download the files and code as it is from the waybackmachine website, which leaves the risky footprint in the html code for google to see.

Please note: My system removes the footprint from every single page regardless of how many pages are in the download as standard.

*** Important, please note:

1. I cannot guarantee to provide the entire site, only what web.archive have as something they do not store everything. For example, if a file / image is missing on the web.archive I won’t be able to restore it for you.

2. Also the files will be static html, for example if the previous site was built in wordpress, the files I provide will be in .html – the web.archive doesn’t store your backend systems, such as wordpress, so I can only provide html / images to resurrect the website.

3. Some sites may have a robot.txt file preventing the site from being restored. In this case we will refund your money.

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