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Get a well written professional article

This is an expertly written article full of citations and specifically written for Wikipedia and other encyclopedic websites.  You upload this article to your website or client website.


to the article and ...

+ 5 LINKEDIN Shares + 5 Pinterest Pins + 5 Tumblr Posts

Get 30 days of real high quality traffic

This is laser targeted traffic for your article page

The Power Pack service is also available as a stand-alone service.  It is the best visitor service I offer, and the one I value the most for my own sites.  It will definitely help you rank your site higher.

This is what the Power Pack does:

Real people searchers from premium English speaking countries (US, Canada, UK and Australia) will visit your site.

  • Purchasing cheap visitors gigs that offer visitors from countries that are notorious for cyber slavery or from robots that mimic visitors will harm your site.  Never buy a visitor service unless you know where the visitors come from.

The visitors will remain on your site up to 7-10 minutes.  They will click on internal links, visit your "about us" and other links that signal to the search engines that your site is interesting and engaging. 

  • Purchasing cheap services that will cause a visitor to just click on your site is a signal to the search engine that your site is buying links.  This will destroy your trust rank.

The visitors will watch videos and interact with the site.  Another powerful signal that your site has good content and is interesting and engaging.

  • We recommend to all our clients to add a YouTube video on the home page.  Most people love watching videos.  In fact some visitors will bounce back from sites that have no pictures or videos on the home page. Each bounce back will negatively affect your site rank. 
  • Most visitors will click on the video and watch it.  On the other hand the same visitors are likely to skim through the content and move on elsewhere--very bad behaviour for your site.

For Just $30

Limited Time Offer Price Will Go Up Progressively

All social links are natural
and drip fed and scheduled to site viewers over 14 days

Faster Is NOT better

This offer needs no explanation.  There is nothing more powerful than a Wikipedia Link that is directly related to the content of your site.  I could be offering this awesome deal on its own and it would still be the best deal on the word wide web. 

But I believe in over-delivering.  So I have set up this Holy Grail Deal and included the second most powerful social media signal: LINKEDIN Likes, Pinterest Pins and Tumblr Website Posts.

I am new here so I want to give you an offer you can't refuse and get started with likes and awesome comments on my page.



3000 spammy, robot generated backlinks for $10 will get you slapped by Google so hard your site will disappear from the universe for ever.  If anyone tells you they can generate 1000 real people links for $5 ask "How much are you paying these 1000 people to view my site?"

1 Wikipedia Link on its own has enough juice to make a difference.

This offer will go up in price as soon as I have sufficient likes and totally awesome reviews.


Can I submit my home page for a Wikilink?

  • Yes, if you upload the quality article I give you on your home page.

I encourage all my clients to place my article on the home page.  This is because search engines value the content of your home page more.  Having good quality content on your home page will also encourage your visitors to explore the site further.

Can I alter the article

  • If you do so, you risk losing your Wikipedia backlink.

If you have specific requirements let me know when you place the order.  If I can comply with your requirements I will be very happy to do so.

Wikipedia monitors the links added to the free encyclopedia.  When changes occur an editor will review the change and if the quality of the content does not comply with Wikipedia's strict quality policies that link will be removed.

I am a Wikipedia editor and I love Wikipedia so I will only provide links to content that will enrich the service.  I know what type of content Wiki wants and I am intimately familiar with the exact structure required for approval.

Can I submit my own article?

  • Yes, If you know how to write articles for Wikipedia. 
Your article must comply, or the link will be removed.  Send me the article for review and I will make suggestions for improvement.  You can purchase this as an optional extra.

How many keywords or key-phrases can I submit?

  • One main keyword or key-phrase and 3 sub keywords and key-phrases. 

How do I pick the best keyword to use?

  • There are several ways to do so.  First, remember to make sure that your website is about ONE NICHE.  Search Engines use artificial intelligence and they can detect a website that has no clear focus and that spams across a multitude of keywords and niches.  Unless you are CNN or Fox your site will not rank and it will also very difficult to sell.
  • If your site is already established, make use of my optional extra.   This extra will search millions of databases including the top search engines.   My report will let you know what keywords your site is ranking for, the page rank, and the number of searches it receives.  It is a lot easier to improve the rank of a page or site that is already ranking for a given keyword.

Does my site qualify for a Wikilink?

  • Sex sites, hate sites and other sites that promote violence and hatred and discrimination do not qualify. 
Please do not order this service as your will be wasting your time and money.  Wikipedia is used by schools and children often use it for their home study.

PLEASE DO NOT send me domains or blogs that will kill visitors with boredom, give them viruses or malware.  If you do that you will earn bad karma, and all that will happen is that you get an immediate refund. 

When will you deliver?

The job description states officially "14 days guaranteed".

Most likely 7 days or less.  This depends on the service you have required and the level of difficulty of your targeted keywords or key-phrase.

This type of service cannot be hurried because it requires a lot of research and also 100% compliance with Wikipedia's policies.   All good things are worth waiting for :-)

What happens if the Wikipedia link is removed?

I guarantee my work for 6 months.  If your link is removed I will replace it free of charge. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have changed the article or removed it you will void your warranty.  The link must point to the article I sent you and the article must remain intact.

Can I sell this service to my customers?

Yes.  All my services can be resold,  If you are offering ethical SEO services and care about your clients I would love to network with you and support your commercial efforts.   I believe in ethics and will never contact your clients or the webmasters of the sites you put through my service,   Nothing in my work leads back to my website or to my Source Market page.

Another way you can earn an excellent income from this service

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If you are happy with how I treat you and the quality of my work, leave me the bestest toppest rating and an enthusiastic mother of all reviews and I will give you 5 more LINKEDIN Likes, 5 More Pinterest Pins and 5 more Tumblr Website Posts--a total of 30 powerful quality social media links.

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It was good. It was simple and good.
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Very good seller, and excellent communication. I will definitely recommend his services for high quality links.
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Highly Recommend
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Never delivered, had to open claim on PayPal to get a refund, no communication or anything.
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