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WP Website Directory with Every State, City, and Zip Code Targeting Your Keywords 30,000 PAGES Deep!

Imagine having 30,000 pages of unique content indexed in Google? Yes, you can!


* Exclusive to Source Wave Market!

Will build you an SEO optimized website on WordPress that targets every  state, city, and zip code in the USA. Having that zip code is a secret golden SEO weapon as numerous cities have several zip codes within them. Think of it as a USA directory site - can target any niche you want.


Great for local client sites where you can target every state, city, and zip code. Use the "Rank n Rent" method to rent out pages to local clients all over the USA. Think of the possibilities of clients that are wiling to pay for this.


Great for easily ranking affiliate sites by state, city, and zip code. Think keywords for insurance quotes, loans, etc. Just add your affiliate links and banners (many plugins will do this) and you'll never have touch it again.


With almost 30,000 pages deep (all 50 states, their cities and their zip codes) you can use this site on an existing powerful domain and JUICE your money sites or rent out PBN links that have enormous power and 30k+ pages behind them.

- - - Keep in mind, a site like this will mostly get long tail SEO traffic to the individual target page thereby bypassing the big authority sites. Getting them ranked is pretty easy, all us Source Wave'rs know this - all you need is some PBN links, syndicated videos, and social signals to rank.

Powered by Becker's "Source Flood" to build the pages, then we reconfigure everything to flow right and be blazing fast. Configuring a website like this takes a lot of time and attention to detail. You could do this yourself, but it's a LOT of work. I provide the "done for you" solution.

State name, state abbreviation, city name, and matching zip code throughout each individual post attached with the keywords within the content for great SEO - this is not duplicate content. Each city matches the state with specific terms.

What We Do: (absolutely NO spun content ever)

  • Hand written SEO optimized state content (at least 350 words) and city content (at least 550 words).
  • Configure all states with cities/zips
  • Configure all city & zip content to individual posts.
  • Hand written home page (500 words+)

Works fine on a simple hosting plan (a $10 a month HostGator plan is OK). Built many sites like this on HostGator and BlueHost with no issues, Please make sure your hosting company can handle the building process of these sites (source flood plugin).

Sit back and let me do the work for you...

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