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Do you know why PBNs or any site for that matter gets removed (deindexed) from Google? We do. In most cases it's your neighbourhood that matters the most. Keep on reading to see how we can help.

What is this all about? - Deindexed site is a pain in the a** for the site owner. It means your site won't show in Google even if you do some cartwheels on your lawn. When this happens you as a site owner has pretty much two options: tank the site and get rid of it or fix the problem and try to get it reindexed. First option cuts your losses, but it can also cut your income quite heavily depending on the value of your site. Deindexing can also happen to a moneysite just as well. PBNs have just been so targeted lately so that's what everyone is talking about.

Oh dang, what can be done? - It seems in 99% certainty that the reason for deindexing is bad neighbourhood. Spammy and low quality sites on the same IP as your site. Deindexing seems to happen based on IP address. The best way to deal with this is to do a risk analysis of the IP your site is hosted and draw a bigger picture of your neighbourhood. And if your site is hosted in such neighbourhood you can prevent deindexing by moving your site to another host before it gets deindexed. This is far cheaper and less time consuming option than getting the site reindexed. And if your site has good value, you really don't want to let it go just like that.

What we do to help you? - We provide this risk analysis. We take a look at all the other domains hosted on the same ip as your site. We check from multiple sources, never trust a single source to get the whole picture. We check the metrics manually to see how many are spammy or low quality sites. Then we check if any of those sites are already deindexed. This gives us quite good picture of your neighbourhood. Then to take this a step further we go manually through a sample of the sites to see what percentage are PBNs on that IP already. Then based on the data we've gathered we determine a risk level which tells us what kind of neighbours you have.

SMALL DISCLAIMER: This is valid if your website is of quality. If you are part of the bad neighbourhood, this won't prevent your site being deindexed. But to be honest in today's SEO your site should not be spammy to begin with if you want to rank.

We provide a report of this risk analysis to you with suggestions what to do next, if there's any indication of a problem on your neighbourhood.

We are providing this to first 20 orders with only $5 for reviews and also in 24 hours guaranteed or money back!

I have limited simultaneous orders to 5, because this requires quite a lot of manual labor and I want to make sure everyone gets their report in guaranteed time. So don't be alarmed if service disappears for a while, it just means I have 5 ongoing orders and it will be back when I deliver one.

What is included for $5:

  • 1 IP check

  • 1 basic report of your neighbourhood (check extra for advanced report, includes all domains used to gather data)

  • Suggestions on what to do next, if needed

  • Super fast delivery, delivered within 24 hours

  • Very responsive support

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • We ALWAYS over deliver, our customers happiness is our top priority

Why check your neighbourhood?

Saves a lot of time, your hard earned money and probably prevents grey hairs. If your site gets deindexed, you're screwed more or less. You either stop using the site you have put X amount of time and money in. It's all just lost. Or you spend even more to get it reindexed. Why not act before anything happens and make sure you're safe.

If you have any questions, contact us before buying the service. You can message us by clicking "Message seller" button on the right sidebar.

RISK FREE! FULL money back guarantee if not delivered in guaranteed time.

If you need something special, let us know. I'm sure we can help.

About us:

Hi there, my name is Aarne and I run ShusSEO. I have 10+ years of experience in marketing and 4+ years in SEO. If anyone didn't know Shusse is a japanese noun and a verb that tells pretty much everything about us and of our work. The definition of shusse is as follows; Noun: success in life - The one thing we aim for our customers through our services. Verb: rise (in the world, to a position, etc.) - The one we thrive for our customers in SERPs. Ohhhh, them wordplays.

Order and judge for yourself. We give always full refund if we don't deliver what we promise, so there is no risk.

If you have anything to ask please throw me a message.

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RISK FREE! FULL money back guarantee if not delivered in guaranteed time.

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