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This Is The REAL Reason MOST Webmasters Fail At Seo

The difference between successful webmasters who earn consistent revenue online, and those that struggle or give up completely, almost always comes down to 1 simple thing...
The "Wrong" Keywords

How We Help...

Let us research and discover KILLER Keywords in your niche that will RANK FAST and with save you money, time and headaches in the future.

The Big No No Online

The most common mistake you can make in your online business, is selecting overly competitive keywords.

A keyword with 20,000 monthly searches might sound great, but have you really worked out the true cost of ranking it?

Let me give you a couple of examples...

Example 1.
You target a high volume search keyword because it "fits" and you want as much traffic as possible. Understandable!

You spend $100 every month on link building, and 6 months later, you are edging closer to the front page, but have not yet made ANY money. And you are $600 down, and half a year behind your competitors!

Example 2.
You target a low competition keyword in your niche, but you are unsure because it has fewer searches than other keywords you've seen.

You decide to target this low competition keyword anyway, and after spending just $29 on an entry-level SEO service, you hit thePage 1 of Google in a couple of weeks!

You then target another low competition keyword, and after another simple SEO campaign, you have that keyword on page 1 also.

You continue for 6 months, ranking 2 keywords per month at a cost of $58 per month.

You have 12 keywords on the top of page 1, with a combined search volume that is WAY HIGHER than your high volume keyword.
You've saved over $250 on SEO, and you've made your investment back many times over,


Which scenario would you chose? I think it's quite obvious....

Here is an example of a keyword chosen, and ranked by us. This keyword was a real GEM, definitely one of those "rank and bank" type of terms.


So Why Choose This Service, When There Are Cheaper Research Services Out There?

While a lot of people use shortcut tools such as market samurai/long tail pro etc, and sell you the keywords as "low competition", this is simply not true in most cases.

You might save a few dollars in front end, and perhaps even be given 50 keywords in a pretty looking excel spreadsheet, and then up-sold some SEO.

The truth is, most keyword tools can spit out a fancy looking report, but are completely inaccurate when it comes to "TRUE SEO COMPETITION".

How do we know this?

Well, I have personally completed thousands of campaigns on SEOCLERKS (feel free to view my public profile), so I have extensive data and numerous case studies on keywords that stay stuck in the mud, and those which HIT PAGE 1 with even a sniff of a single backlink!

So can you really afford to risk skipping keyword research?

I certainly wouldn't!

By investing sensibly at the front end, you're going to avoid failure down the road and grab those page 1 rankings you need.

Better rankings, more visitors, quicker money, happy days!

The Techie Parts
Here is what I analyze when doing keyword research.

  • Exact match monthly searches of at least 500 or above (usually a lot more than this depending on the niche and value of the keyword itself)
  • Domain age of competitors
  • PR of competitors
  • Quality of incoming links to the page
  • Number of incoming links to the page and domain
  • Second tier links
  • Location and accessibility of incoming links
  • On-page optimization of page 1 competition
  • Google trends
  • and a lot more

The Guarantee
We guarantee that your keywords will be kept completely confidential from your competitors, so you have an edge that no one else knows about. (Did you know that in the SEO world, a lot of people resell the same keywords to your competitors over and over!)

All research carried out is extensive and properly implemented, so you can be 100% assured that your future SEO campaigns for these keywords are not in vain.

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