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Small onpage seo
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Small onpage seo
Small pic onpage 1
Small proof 1 ranking 11 to 3

All the PBN and Social signals will only Crack half of google code-you need to complete proper ON-PAGE for your Website to beat your Competitors. So complete the Google ranking factor with our Approved Marketing Strategies.

Nearly 40% Of Google’s 200 Ranking Factors Are On Page


The Truth Is That You Don’t Have Time To Do All Your SEO Optimization While Scaling Up Your Business


That’s why we created our on-page SEO service, to save your time and to make sure that you’re business is expanding, generating leads, and revenue.

Defeat Panda

Not only does our on-page service improve rankings, it also keeps your site safe from Google’s fiercest animal – the dreaded Panda which can eat your website’s rankings for breakfast and boot you back in oblivion.

Links Are Over Rated

Listen, link building is way over rated. No, I’m serious, we built links for a living and they are. If you’re newer to the SEO game chances are all you hear about is building links, link juice, DA, PA, TF, CF…and while all important, if your humble title tags are off, you could easily be up the creek without a paddle.

Every thing starts with on page SEO, our team has been doing SEO for years, and we have the fundamentals down.

With good on page SEO you can even rank pages without backlinks. Yes, that’s right, no backlinks.

We Research Your Competition And Back Engineer What’s Already Ranking In Google

 Our Duties : 

  • Optimize full website

  • Optimize site title & meta tags

  • XML Sitemap & Video Sitemap

  • URL structure KW optimization

  • Premium site speed optimization

  • Caching (system/browser)

  • Image Compression

  • Optimal KW density & LSI

  • Correct H-tag formatting

  • Google Maps On Page

  • Schema markup

  • Ping optimization (avoid ping spam)

  • Advanced image optimization

  • Rename images files with LSI keywords

  • Fully optimize/SEO up to 10 images total

  • Best comment spam guard

  • Top security enhancements to limit logins and block bad IPs

  • Block all link aggregator bots (to hide your back links from competitors)

  • Full report

If Your Site Is Slow, Navigation Stinks, And Google Doesn’t Know What It’s About (Relevancy) – You’re Toast

There is a reason Google favors websites with excellent on-page optimization and rewards them with higher rankings. Google is all about their users. They want their search results to continue to be the best in the world, and they are focused on delivering only the highest quality search results.

Google will rank a page or entire site higher in search when their algorithm sees that you have a website that loads fast, is easy to navigate, and has good non-keyword stuffed content.


Google’s Algorithm Is The Best In The World, But It Still Has A Hard Time Telling What A Page Is About Without Correct On Page SEO.


This is why it is absolutely critical for webmasters and professional SEOs to use every hard earned tactic available to signal to Google what their sites are all about without throwing up keyword dense garbage content. Don’t risk Panda penalties with junk SEO.

When you let the experts at Smartways Marketing handle your on-page SEO, not only will Google give your site the thumb’s up and rank it highly for your target keywords, visitors will love the fast loading experience and super high quality content (both are critical).


All Of These Factors Go Into Solving The Google Puzzle Which Will Continually Boost Your Rankings Higher.


Our on-page SEO will get you ranked higher faster, which will get your site gets more visitors, and thus your click through rate (CTR) and bounce rates are greatly improved…at that point your site will push even higher and for more long tail keywords, your stellar Google Analytics will edge out your competitors

With the puzzle cracked and completed the authority and growth of your websites becomes unstoppable, it all starts with smart on page SEO.

We will provide the most optimized XML sitemap and XML video sitemap to make GoogleBot’s navigation of your site immediate and deep through all your pages, improving site authority instantly.


Warning: SEO Secret Sauce – A Video Sitemap And a YouTube Video Can Get a Page Indexed in Google in Literally 15 Minutes – Smart SEO’s Use Google’s Baby To Rank.


Almost instant indexing isn’t a rare instance – it happens almost every time – even on brand new sites. Let us provide the best video sitemap for your site. Meta tags and Schema mark up, when done right, will improve click through rate (CTR). We handle this with expert care and an experienced eye, you don’t not want some moron doing this important work.


We Know What Google Absolutely Needs To See and Even What Will Attract More Clicks – More Secret SEO Sauce High CTR


We make sure your organic listings have Google display as much schema data as possible to attract more clicks and improve click through rate, and we do it safely.

Our experts will use their experience and proven SEO tactics to determine the perfect keyword density, URL structure, H-tags, meta tags, and LSI keywords for your pages. There is no one size fits all approach, this is all custom work. If there was a one-size-fits-all number, percentage, or ratio for any on-page SEO element anybody could rank a website.

It takes in-depth research that checks dozens of factors regarding your website as a whole (and the individual page) to determine the perfect mix of on-page SEO elements, only this will set you up for proper back link building to completely crack the Google code. We provide your website with the rock solid foundation for Google to rank you for your target keywords for weeks, months, and years to come.


Remember Google Is All About User Experience Nobody Waits For A Slow Site To Load And Google Adjusts Rankings Accordingly.


Image compression, minification, caching, and other performance boosters will not only lower your bounce rate (a heavily weighted Google ranking factor), it will improve your site conversions and make you or your clients more revenue.

People are impatient, so give them what they want. Don’t let your conversions and bounce rate keep you from earning the money you deserve. Please remember, if your site is not mobile-friendly, you will lose any mobile rankings you have. Half of all searches on Google are now done on a mobile device.


Google Announced In April 2015 That Non Mobile Friendly Sites Won’t Rank As well – You’re Also Pissing Off Half Your Traffic

We’ll make sure your sites are perfectly mobile-friendly and pass the Google mobile test with flying colors.


Take advantage of one of our packages today, and see fast results. Our All-Star package will ensure your site has all the perfect on-page SEO elements as well as added security measures. Keeping your sites safe from hackers, prying eyes, and competition’s research keeps your business flying on auto pilot with zero hiccups.

Not only is your site vulnerable to hackers (all sites are), there are hundreds of bots and crawlers on the web you don’t want hitting your websites. Why? They consume server resources and slow your site load times, which in turn increases bounce rate, and will eventually lowering rankings (it’s a vicious cycle that you can completely avoid with us).


We’ll Block All The Evil Bots, And Force the GoogleBot Fall In Love. Get Crawled Better & More Often In Order To Rank Faster & Higher


Our All-Star package covers it all and will ensure your site has the absolute top potential for the highest possible rankings in all major search engines, if you’re on a budget any of our packages can push you through rankings barriers, if you have any questions please leave us a message.

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