Domain Authority Stacking(Mini)-Trust Tiering

25 days estimated (29 days guaranteed) >
25 days on average

If have not heard about DAS(Domain Authority Stacking) already,check this page. (No affiliation)

This offering is for the people who already know the power of DAS and it is a mini version of it.(Full version coming soon.)
You may check this post by Matt(No affiliation) about a live case study using similar strategy.

What are the benefits?

It mimics the natural link pattern,where compnay brand pages get popular apart from money website. Link juice will flow through high authority social properties. Since there is no direct link to money site,it has very little risk if done correctly(unlike direct PBN links).

1.Increased trust

2.Boost of rankings in money site

3. Ranking of your social properties 

Now the interesting part. Some people love it like holy grail and others hate it to the core saying it just a "fancy" sales pitch. As always,truth is somewhere in the middle. I have been using this for over 8+ months for my local clients and there are many private skype/fb group,where people swear by it.The main part about DAS is "stacking" ie stacking authority. It takes time and money/resources to stack authority properly over time.

Here is what I have to offer. 

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I will provide 50 PBN posts (approx 80 Links with 1-2 links per post) from my network to your social properties (as in the diagram) Average page/moz rank is 2.6+/2.1+  for my network.

 All posts stay on homepage for about 2 weeks on average.Each post will have random 1-2 links and some niche authority OBL. 

Each piece of content is machine generated and then edited by a writer to control quality. 

Most posts gets indexed within 3-5 days naturally and it will be monitored. The posts will be dripped over 3 weeks to make it look natural.

Network security is paramount.

There is NO link report of your PBN links.
There is NO link report of your PBN links.
There is NO link report of your PBN  links.

20% of blog posts screenshot will be given as proof.

 If you are not fine with it,do NOT order.You may see some portion of your links in third party tools but I see only 10-20% gets picked over time.I will double check all your links before sending report.


When should I expect results?
Your posts will be dripped over 2-3 weeks.You should expect results from 3rd week to 8th week. Yes,it takes time for these type of links to fully propagate. You may expect your fb/twitter pages to pop up sooner though.

If you do not provide link report,how will I know you are not scamming me?

I will send screenshot of 20% your links,which may convince you partially.To be honest,there is no 100% way. If you dig enough,you may find some evidence in 3rd party tools.
Protection of network is far more important than any single client.So,I do not provide link report.
Still,if This gig is more for my existing clients who already know me. With time,you may see positive reviews or activities,which may hook you in.

Sounds good. How to start?

I need at least 3 of these social or high DA pages
Facebook,Twitter,G+,linkedin,Youtube channel,Pinterst page. Yelp or BBB if you have a local site.

You will be given a form to fill after you order.

If you do not have any of these,I will guide how to set these up properly after you order.

Note that there will be no direct PBN links to your website. So,pretty safe even if you order for medium to high value website.

Do you guarantee results?

How to use add-ons?

Add on

Add 50 more posts making total 100 posts ie 160-70 links.

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Refund Rate

Note that there is no link report provided. I will send you screenshot for 20% of posts. If I am not able to complete the work,a refund will be issued.