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Small natural link graph
Small mimicking
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Small natural link graph
Small mimicking
Small ms4
(Local SEO case study)
I had explained how my SEO strategy involves mimicking a natural link pattern for a website. Many of you had asked where the actual "ranking power" comes from . Is it PBN or tiered linking or web2.0s or something else? Though, I had covered that part in the video,I think it lacked the focus it deserved.

PBN works well when done correctly as a part of link graph. But, biggest drawback is their footprint. I am not talking about those SOA, platform etc footprints which PBN sellers mention. Biggest footprint is the stalled link graph of typical PBN domains and sudden flux of commercial OBLs. Co-citations and social signals can be a mitigating factor but 95% of network sellers do not do it as it has hardly any short term ROI for them. Even if you have your own PBN,it may have the same issue unless you are spending extra money in its maintenance. So, too much PBN as your direct back links portfolio is not a bright idea, if you want to be on right side after the G update. But, there can be a way out if we become little cautious or creative while building links.

Again, take how a natural site gains ranking and authority over time. Then we can try to accelerate the same process artificially while keeping the link graph as natural as possible.

Now, let me explain via an example.

Let's take an example of a company which released a new product.
Most likely, first press will cover it.
Then a bunch of niche bloggers will start talking about the product while linking to the product page and press reports.
Then another bunch of bloggers will start quoting the other bloggers' post who have covered the product previously and go on to explain their opinions. All the while,natural social media chatter will be going on around these links. Now the following link pattern will emerge.   

Now, if you we want to do that artificially,( as you might have guessed) even if you take $100-150 for any decent guest post, cost will run into thousands for setting up any decent structure.

So,how to do it without breaking the bank?

First, get high DA links to your website with good metrics. While linking to money site take care of natural looking co-citations and other natural patterns.

Here is the schematic

Be it mini sites/High DA web2.0/profiles/platform/press release/high DA guest posts or even few high quality PBN.

Once that is done, do NOT rush to Fiverr for cheap gigs yet. Take each of these properties and do some decent quality PBN links taking care of again the factors which you would have done for your money site. Of course, social signals at every level whenever possible. Now, since you are doing quality links in tier 2,we do not need any blast or further "juicing up" via "pure spam".

Yes,it is simple. Decent quality links to good links.

So,what has changed from those 3-4 tier GSA structure which has been working like charm for years now.(Still works but not so effective).

The assumption behind such tiered link building was that we consolidate “link juice” from a large number of low-quality sites(comments, exploits etc) and pass the cumulative “link juice” through contextual links from tier 3 to tier 1. It worked like charm because it created highly contextual links with high relevancy topical flow.

What it fails to take into account, the lower tier links can be incredible easy to detected as spam even for bots(especially in 2014+).It means apart from passing the "link juice" it also sends high degree of negative spam signals to the target. So, after 2-3 years of Google updates, such link building strategy provides very limited positive impact and increased likelihood of hurting your money site.

Right now, Google is not able to detect PBN that easily unless someone screams from the rooftop. But, too much direct PBN links to the money site directly put you at higher risk. But,you can leverage their power by pointing to high quality tier 1 links. Sousing decent PBN as tier 2 ,most likely will put us ahead of the curve. Once, you start making money from the site, keep buying high $$$ real website posts/links/coverage. Over time,you will have a long term property where you have relatively less chance of getting caught in algo penalty.

In short what we do to our direct links is typically what an average SEO does to his small money site.

So,What are you getting?

Local Leader Basic
For low competition terms 

The lists are indicative ie depending on your existing link profile and competition, modification might be done. To get the idea about link pattern,refer video or above images. 
Special attention for perfect on page
NAP audit
NAP Creation
50+ Business Citations
50+ Video,Geo tagged image citations
Relevant Social signals
1 PR5 editorial link (Google News site)
1X Press release(Sbwire,prbuzz premium Syndication,20+ pr sites)
30+ High Alexa/DA sites link/citations(Editorials,Profiles,Curation platforms,blogposts etc)*
5 Mini sites set up(web2.0)
Upto 30 quality PBN links (Avg DA 20+,Moz rank 3+)*

15000+ words Unique handwritten content used

Now comes the weapon
*50 PBN posts through high DA layers (tier 2)
* Additional links and social signals for tier 1 links


Local Leader Standard

The lists are indicative ie depending on your existing link profile and competition,some modification might be done.

It is 2X powerful than Basic package

Everything mentioned in
Local Leader Lite Package
+5 Additional mini sites
+10 Additional High DA links
+15 quality PBN links (Avg DA 20+,Moz rank 3+)*

Tier 2 links 2.5X more powerful

For medium competition terms

25000+ words unique handwritten content used



I have a lot of question to ask.Use the following contact for long conversations. Else just message me here.

skype: stevejones003

stevejones003 AT AOL DOT COM


Local SEO Case Study


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