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Tired of buying generic or irrelevant expired domains for a PBN? Tired of trying to figure and waste your time trying to figure out how to make an expired domain you bought relevant so you can drop backlinks to money sites in it?

You know Google love seeing backlinks from authority relevant websites right? Thought it was too hard to get those - well now you can with a custom crawl for expired domains in your niche only.

Forget Trust Flow Get Topical Trust Flow

Well you should be since you don't have to buy domains with no relevancy factor built in to help power up a money site. Get you hands on domains that will help sky rocket your money site with relevant backlinks only and with topical trust flow.

This is what can happen when you do a custom crawl like we did for a recent client.

Introductory Special Pricing (Limited Time)

When you place a basic order without extras you'll get one relevant expired domain in your niche with TF from 10+ for only $5.

For just $5 you'll not only get trust flow, but now finally get Topical Trust Flow which is the golden ticket to successful PBN linking for ranking now and into the future.

Why Choose This Service?

• We love expired domains and find thousands of them every month plus we do custom PBN builds for select clients. So we got tons of experience :)

• We value privacy and so keep everything secret.

• We love industry specific orders. You'll get domain results back that only are relevant to your industry.

* Please note the domain will not have been shared anywhere else. This is a super private service. None of this selling you a domain maybe hundreds of other SEO's have seen to expose your network.

** The domain(s) you purchase are not registered so you need to snap them up yourself at your own domain name registrar. If you need help finding out how to do this properly to minimize your footprint and do it right please just ask we are here to help you succeed.

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Ask if you have any concerns with your purchase please let us know. We'll either give you a replacement domain or a full refund if there are genuine issues you have with the domain(s) supplied.

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