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So you are buying Twitter accounts in bulk, but no one is telling you about the problems with them.

Your tweets with external links won't index in live search!

Why pay for something that is not working 100%, because that is exactly what you probably have been doing.

Never heard of the Twitter sandbox before? Well the answer is the Twitter sandbox is when Twitter blocks your tweets with external links from appearing in their internal search engine. This means all those hashtags you are trying to get people to see your tweets so they might click your links ain't happening. No one on Twitter will find those tweets at all!

Unless they follow you of course then that is your only hope someone will see a tweet in their timeline.

Here is the official answer from Twitter support about the issue of tweets not showing up in the search

Here is How to Go Test Your Current Accounts

Step 1: create a tweet like: "this is #thisismysillyhashtag"
Step 2: click that hashtag in your tweet and check the love search results
Step 3: rejoice if you see your tweet appear or facepalm when it just never pops up

Don't worry! I got the solution for this problem

I can provide Twitter accounts that are good to go from the first tweet. These accounts will let you tweet to your hearts delight all the external links you want and your tweets will appear live in the search results.

We teach this at to help other SEO's just like you not make this common SEO mistake.

Please Note:

  1. These accounts will come with some followers
  2. These accounts are of various ages of at least 1 year
  3. You are getting 1x account use the extra order to add extra ones at a discount wih

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